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@TokyoNoHate @TwitterJP HQ paved with UNDELETED #hatetweets #NoHate #0908Twitter社前 #京橋バーニング

Happened on September 8, 2017 in front of Kyobashi Twitter Japan HQ in Tokyo. Anti-hate civil platform @TokyoNoHate printed out 600+ UNDELETED hate tweets and paved them on to the sidewalk in front of the Twitter HQ to protest Twitter Japan's inaction relative to the global HQ and their global anti-hate code. The printed-out tweets were then treated justifiably as 'garbage' and clean-swiped. Read More
💫T.Katsumi🌏OfficeBALÉS @tkatsumi06j

「この世は危険に満ちている。悪意のある人々が存在するからではない。その悪意を見て見ぬ振りをする人々が存在するからである」──A・アインシュタイン #JusticeForShiori #NoRestraints #NoMoreHibakusha #NoHate #HeForShe

13/08/2017 14:44:28 WIB
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安田浩一 @yasudakoichi


08/09/2017 15:51:44 WIB
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💫T.Katsumi🌏OfficeBALÉS @tkatsumi06j

In Tokyo #NoHate campaign launches a street campaign diplaying a massive load of hate tweet printouts in front of @TwitterJP HQ building.…

08/09/2017 16:53:49 WIB
☁️ @hideki_imamura

よく見るとボードにもヘイトツイート。 #京橋バーニング

08/09/2017 16:13:15 WIB
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💫T.Katsumi🌏OfficeBALÉS @tkatsumi06j

@TwitterJP Not only the display on the streets but the display panels are also filled with hate tweets. #NoHate…

08/09/2017 16:56:42 WIB
💫T.Katsumi🌏OfficeBALÉS @tkatsumi06j

@TwitterJP The cool part of this #NoHate campaign is that you can literally STEP ON the hate tweets to show your distaste lol…

08/09/2017 17:04:34 WIB
小池 桟 @audrey_biralo

京橋、ヘイトツイートを踏んづけて歩けます。#0908Twitter社前 #BanHateTweet

08/09/2017 15:59:16 WIB
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William Andrews @TokyoStages

Protesters outside Twitter's Japan office covered the street with printouts of racist tweets #0908Twitter社前…

08/09/2017 19:04:48 WIB
きづのぶお @jucnag

すごい! 削除されなかったヘイトスピーチがTwitter社前で可視化されている! この手があったか!! ヘイトスピーチを野放しにしていたTwitterJapan、これは恥ずかしいだろう笑笑 #0908Twitter社前 #京橋バーニング…

08/09/2017 16:07:37 WIB
💫T.Katsumi🌏OfficeBALÉS @tkatsumi06j

"Amazing!" a user says. "They've effectively visualized all the #hatetweets that @TwitterJP failed to remove! That's the way to do it!"…

09/09/2017 10:34:53 WIB
💫T.Katsumi🌏OfficeBALÉS @tkatsumi06j

[Kyobashi is literally...] 'Burning' with anger against #hatetweets. So the action is called #KyobashiBurning.…

09/09/2017 10:58:41 WIB
Takahiro.K💫 @tkatsumi_e

A #misogynist tweet saying "For any sex crime, the victim is to be blamed the most, especially women." Also counted as #hatespeech. #NoHate…

08/09/2017 22:59:17 WIB
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