YNWA @John_Duffy_
Belfast city council votes in favour of flying the Union Flag on designated days only. Result 29-21.
Mr. T @LFC_no1
The Union Jack flag will no longer fly at Belfast City Hall. The city hall of British Belfast. Only in Northern Ireland eh?
C.B @cbutler1878
Belfast the only place where a flag would offend people, or where everyone thinks hatred is the answer. More important things in life!
Julie O'Connor @Julie_OConnor38
Loyalists attacking City Hall in Belfast after council votes to fly the Union flag on designated days only instead of all year round.
Aidan Fitzpatrick @afit
Belfast on the news "there was a bit of a riot". Only in Northern Ireland. In most other places there's either a riot or there isn't.
Barry McColgan @BarryMcColgan
Belfast City Council vote to reduce the Union flag to only flying on City Hall on designated days. A step in the right direction...
L @Lyndserx
Rioting over a flag. Only in Belfast.
Marty @MartyS_13
City Hall in chaos because of a flag? Hahaha animals! Only in Belfast. Scum will probably get away with it. Fuck the Union Jack
Anna Cafolla @AnnaCafolla
Study break involving driving to city hall to watch the riots, only in Belfast
Sazzer @Sazzer82
It's an absolute disgrace bout the Union Jack only being put up in belfast city hall... On designated days...wats happening 2 r wee country
Alba gu bràth Esq @Braveheartjimbo
union flag to only to be flying 15 days of the year in belfast, whatever next Jobs for Catholics ???
Dan @DazzaOBazza
Nearly 100 Local Councils in the UK fly the Union Flag only on designated days, like how it's planned in Belfast. Only Belfast is rioting.
Kangaroo burgers and plastic bullets only at Christmas market in Belfast City hall in lock down MLA'S now on double time #flagsdebate
Shannen Lofthouse @Shannennnnnnn
Got 'evacuated' from the markets cause someone tried to break into city hall #onlyinbelfast
Chris Ryder @Chrisryder47
Thanks to the #flagomaniacs Christmas in Belfast has now been stripped of peace and goodwill.One can only feel despair at the futility of it
Danielleceltic7 @DanielleCeltic7
Delighted they wont be flying the union flag over city hall in Belfast 365 days a year only 15 (unfortunately) #change #Ireland
John FRIEND Barrett @jacbarrett35
Disgrace that the Union Flag will fly only 15 days in Belfast!
john Swindell @j_swindell
Rioting in belfast city centre only in this country would you not be aloud to fly your flag at city hall
UTV Live News @UTVNews
Trouble erupts after Belfast flag vote - Video: Protesters have tried to gain access to the grounds of Belfast C... http://t.co/heZ8g7GK
Police Service NI @PoliceServiceNI
Police are currently dealing with disorder in vicinity of Belfast City Hall and Lower Newtownards Road.
fartface @bumbleflex
@NicoleSmyth_ you're the only person in Belfast not tweeting about #flagdrama - more people should follow by your example
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