Rebecca Black @RBlackPA
Belfast City Council has voted to only fly Union flag on statutory days. No date yet for when it'll come down
Rebecca Black @RBlackPA
Belfast council committee voted to completely remove Union flag even on statutory days, but stat days policy likely to pass at full council
Caoimhín MGM @caoimhinmgm
Belfast Council buildings will become more neutral places for workers.British Union flag will no longer fly over City Hall every day.
The Grim Reaper @unofficialdeath
The solution to Northern Ireland's woes? Stop flying the Union Flag in Belfast City Hall. Republican #fail: http://t.co/gPJHeQrk
Graham McB @GrahamMcB
Plans to have Union flag removed from Belfast City Hall, disgrace, Ulster is British always will be! http://t.co/4flmgsCO
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Julian O'Neill @julianoneill
Flag compromise on cards -Alliance tell @bbcevex will vote for union flag flying on certain days at #Belfast City Hall http://t.co/eQZ8mDYr
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Good too see positive steps being taken to remove the Union Flag from Belfast City Hall... Now to remove it from Ireland completely!
André van Zyl @Force_Of_Law
This is farcical >> BBC News - #Belfast council committee votes to take down Union flag http://t.co/Xfa8EA5M
Keith Anderson @keithbelfast
There's an edible form of polyester found in chewing gum which we could probably use to make flags from. #flegs
Connal Hughes @connal99
You are advised that Sharon's report may contain scenes of outright sectarianism & reactionary thoughts. #UTV #flegs
Chris Flack @CM_Flack
@Stephen_Warke - I'm dismayed by how much time & energy is spent on #flegs in our wee country, its not change its history, move on please.
Chris Flack @CM_Flack
@Stephen_Warke - Doesn't make it any less dull Stephen! #flegs and #whataboutery are holing this place back. That and crap weather.
Chris Flack @CM_Flack
@Stephen_Warke - To be fair, you're the first on my timeline to mention #flegs so you took one for the team. Also, NI Assembly, 4/10... ;o)
Áine McGrath @teaandmusings
.@unit2plus4 @wendytalksback @belfastcc Maybe @deadbeatmum & Mad-Eye Mischka could help us find a big cat flag instead? :-)) #Belfast #flegs
Michael 👀 @duckanddodge
@mcgrathaine I'm laughing my head off at the same time trying to fix my broken Christmas lights. That time of year again lol #flegs
Michael 👀 @duckanddodge
@mcgrathaine this is driving me mad lol. One set has only 5 bulbs working out of 100 lol I'm ready to give up before I get buzzed #flegs
Áine McGrath @teaandmusings
2>@mcgrathaine @basils_wee_mate @ianjamesparsley @dempster7 getting on with life rather than spending their time protesting about #flegs...
Áine McGrath @teaandmusings
See this whole big row about the Union flag on #Belfast City Hall? It's embarrassing. Really, REALLY embarrassing. #flegs #tweetni
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