#UK: Jude Law and #Turnerprize

Found Jude Law trending, clicked on it, read that he was presenting the Turner Prize 2012, and that his speech was impressive. Further down the feed, however, people were complaining when they found out that the film star would be presenting the art prize. Wow. Just wow. Read More
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Jude Law often vacations with ex Sadie Frost for their kids http://t.co/pDhwfwY9 pls retweet Follow @CelebNewsFast #celebrity

04/12/2012 02:23:09 WIB
sophie @sophiemayleer

The turner prize awards > the royal variety performance, only so I can see my babes Jude Law do his ting 😍

04/12/2012 02:25:07 WIB
Emily 🏛 Speed @speedina

Why Jude Law? Am I missing something?

04/12/2012 02:26:23 WIB
Teddy Jamieson @TeddyJamieson

Jude Law is presenting the Turner Prize. I know because C4 keep telling me.

04/12/2012 02:29:47 WIB
Bat Chain Puller @monkey_don

was looking forward to the turner prize but not anymore, jude law and lauren fucking laverne, fucking window lickers, what do they know?

04/12/2012 02:29:47 WIB
Pimienta▼Sánchez @PimientaSnchz

Jude Law Hands out Turner Prize Tonight. Independent. http://t.co/tVKAOKw7

04/12/2012 02:30:26 WIB
Emily Flint @EmileeGeorgiaa

Hold up if Jude Law is at the tate why am I not there

04/12/2012 02:30:35 WIB
Rosana Expósito @RosanaExposito

Watching the turner prize and remembering that time I didn't notice I was standing next to Jude law in Tate britain. #sake

04/12/2012 02:32:30 WIB
Liz Beckett @lizbmakeup

Unfortunately I had to do Jude Law for #Turnerprize tonight. Thanks a lot @laurenlaverne

04/12/2012 02:34:34 WIB
Loïc Debauche @Loic_Debauche

Adam Richman, Jude Law, Steve Nash, who'll be the next star Spurs's fan ? @SpursOfficial #COYS

04/12/2012 02:36:42 WIB
ley @leygrey

Ooh The Turner Prize! And it's being presented by Jude Law! Aaahhhh

04/12/2012 02:37:21 WIB
Fozzers @Fozzers

Jude Law is to visual art as Jude Law is to acting. #turnerprize

04/12/2012 02:39:31 WIB
леди кашка @honey___lll

#christian_bale#jude_law#gerard_butler#jared_leto#tom_hardy#michael_fassbender#joseph_gordon_levitt#daniel_c http://t.co/NmEM29Zo

04/12/2012 02:41:12 WIB
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Paul Haine @paul_haine

Wilde: Oscar Wilde biopic with Stephen Fry. Not nearly as funny as that sounds; dry, leaden performances and too much of Jude Law’s arse.

04/12/2012 02:43:14 WIB
Syd Moore @SydMoore1

Oh my God - it gets worse. Jude Law is presenting the prize. Why?????? #turnerprize

04/12/2012 02:44:02 WIB
J @Jotaner_

A Homeless Polar Bear in London - Ft. Jude Law and Radiohead: http://t.co/d73erblM

04/12/2012 02:44:55 WIB
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Yellowstone AB @YellowstoneAB


04/12/2012 02:46:08 WIB
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