Review Film The Conjuring

Sudah nonton film the conjuring? Menurutmu, seperti apa film itu? menakutkan? Bikin kaget? Bikin nggak bisa tidur?
hantu the nun film film horor theconjuring movies annabelle
Kurniadi Liman @rofirofifeb
James Wan Pastikan Garap Naskah Film The Conjuring 3, Apakah Seseram Kisah Sebelumnya?
Jason Wick @shaqnosis1
The Conjuring world is getting big. 2 Annabelle movies, 2 Conjuring films, Conjuring 3 coming. The Nun, and Crooked Man spin-offs coming.
Brandon @brandonh83
1. The Conjuring 2 (10/10) 2. The Conjuring (9/10) 3. Annabelle: Creation (8.5/10) 4. Annabelle (6/10) there's my ranking of things.
Dhika. @shliouette
@edennsor @Lead_Celeste kurang tau kak,judul nya sih the conjuring tapi yg muncul boneka annabelle :3
Maria De La Rosa🤘🏻 @DelarosaLupita
my little cousin is all freaked out lol because, we watched the conjuring 3 and now refuses to use the bathroom alone
xam @lolfoodmax
me: dude paranormal activity 3 is good @universallymel: "i didn't finish it, just saw parts of it" me: "sorry not the conjuring 3..."
aileen. @ycurwetdream
@kmsejiong @WORLDINTLrp Top 5 horror movies: 1. The Conjuring 2. The Other Side of The Door 3. Insidious 4. Poltergeist 5. Sinister
Sofē @sophiafresh
#AnnabelleCreation this movie gave me full of fear and anxiety! I'm glad it piece'd The Conjuring together.
A.J.H.♉📿 @Jamal_21_
@TheConjuring2EP was GREAT. Genuinely loved every minute, terrifying, intense, nerve wrecking. I the story line in the Conjuring universe.
Honey, Sweet, Iced-Tea @IGician
So Annabelle and The Nun from the conjuring are connected.. "Apparently"
ʚ🍥ɞ @DoujinKitten
it's really hot in my room and I'm attempting to sleep with my feet hanging off my bed but all I can think of is the conjuring
Hadrian Mills @HadrianMills
@CursedRevenge Hate the conjuring and I was stupid to watch the sequel
Tejan Shrivastava @BeingTeJan
@warnerbrosindia I'm a huge fan of Conjuring Annabelle franchise and I cant wait to attend the screening. Have answered all questions correctly. Hope to win.
ʚ desiree ɞ @mochiidesi
the conjuring universe • all of the movies fit together creatively • jumpscare-y so if u don't like those don't watch these • luv them all
Shane O'Mailey @garymoore1985
Annabelle: Creation is a prequel to the brilliant Conjuring franchise— but it is still crammed with scares galore…
lynn 🐿 this is our page @pidgeyhun
Saw an ad for conjuring 2 on tv and was trying to explain to my mum about the crosses turning and now she says that I'm bad at summarising
Terry McCarty @TVMCCA
Peter Bradshaw: Annabelle: Creation review – same old devil doll, same old cliches… @kabardotnews
Setujukah Anda Jika The Conjuring Jadi Film Terseram Abad 21?…
Kmi @KhairulHope
The Conjuring universe is starting to make sense!
- @yuzenanggg
Annabelle:Creation is way scarier than the conjuring
Cymruambyth 🇬🇧 @sdavies330
@WBHorrorUK The conjuring scared me to death so I won't be watching this one 🙈
Bonnie💎🍓💛🦋🌙☀️ @BonnieBarnes48
@cocoloco5757 Love those movies! I want to see the new Annabelle this weekend (part of the Conjuring series)
[school back again] 🌧️ @tsutsujimoeri
@HB5451 I've only watched The Conjuring 2 in the theatre before it wasn't really that bad I guess but I just don't like jumpscare lol
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