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#1DMX #MexicoHasNoPresident #PeñaNieto

Harvard Kennedy School @Kennedy_School

Mexican President Felipe Calderon to Serve as Angelopoulos Global Public Leaders Fellow at Harvard Kennedy Schoo...

28/11/2012 23:28:26 WIB
Dage85 @Dage851

@Kennedy_School Shame on you Harvard, before hiring that man first investigate about what has been really happening to Mexico.

29/11/2012 01:32:03 WIB
Boy Whom Beers It @MexicAnarchist

Another live stream from San Lázaro, México. There's not as many signs as usual, just raw anger. \m/

01/12/2012 21:55:02 WIB
Boy Whom Beers It @MexicAnarchist

The cops in Mexico have discovered tear gas, the protestors have discovered, "hey well, shit, let's toss it back."

01/12/2012 22:03:47 WIB
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Boy Whom Beers It @MexicAnarchist

Cops in San Lázaro, México seem to be making their piggy march up to the demonstrators. Give em hell/rocks comrades.

01/12/2012 22:10:35 WIB
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Boy Whom Beers It @MexicAnarchist

The injuries in San Lázaro are reported to be serious. Shit is getting real in Mexico.

01/12/2012 22:24:51 WIB
Sector 404 Anonymous @Sector_404

Rompen cerco: estrellan camión de basura contra las vallas de San Lázaro"

01/12/2012 22:26:14 WIB
Boy Whom Beers It @MexicAnarchist

Wait, what? Cops in Mexico bringing out the armored trucks to the mix. Yay new shit president! Pic via @lahoio

01/12/2012 22:44:38 WIB
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alx @alxgucci

@JagerJohnson @lahoio This does not look good at all, especially when one looks at history of anti-protest crackdowns in mexico.

01/12/2012 22:50:20 WIB
condeanonymous @condeanonymous

Reportan un muerto, Carlos Valdivia, en enfrentamiento afuera de San Lázaro #OcupaSanLazaro

01/12/2012 22:57:16 WIB
Boy Whom Beers It @MexicAnarchist

Oh my god, reports of one death in the clashes in San Lázaro. #México #OcupaSanLázaro

01/12/2012 22:57:52 WIB
condeanonymous @condeanonymous

[México] 3 heridos por bala de goma en la cabeza, lesionado por petardo de gravedad, reporta policía (vía @El_Universal_Mx) #TomadeProtesta

01/12/2012 23:01:34 WIB
Boy Whom Beers It @MexicAnarchist

Carlos Yahir Valdivia García has died from rubber bullet wounds. | Photo | #OcupaSanLázaro | #Mexico |

01/12/2012 23:03:33 WIB
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Boy Whom Beers It @MexicAnarchist

RT: @longdrivesouth: Trying to confirm report of 1 demonstrator dead outside San Lazaro. Initial report:

01/12/2012 23:06:12 WIB
condeanonymous @condeanonymous

URGENTE Reportan la muerte de un joven en la manifestación afuera de la Cámara de Diputados. NO A LA VIOLENCIA !!

01/12/2012 23:06:54 WIB
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Boy Whom Beers It @MexicAnarchist

Please, I want to hear that he hasn't died. Please confirm that.

01/12/2012 23:07:54 WIB
Boy Whom Beers It @MexicAnarchist

Reports that he's alive, to be certain, that FUCK FACE EPN still has blood on his hands. #Mexico #OcupaSanLázaro

01/12/2012 23:10:49 WIB
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Anonymous🍏 @YourAnonNews

4chan has done it again. Kim Jong Un on he's way to become TIME's person of the year. | | #Lulz

01/12/2012 23:17:42 WIB
condeanonymous @condeanonymous

LA CRUZ ROJA ASEGURA QUE ESTÁ GRAVE EN EL HOSPITAL. No ha fallecido. Seguimos esperando más información.

01/12/2012 23:26:13 WIB
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