@KnittingRad thank you!! No one wants to eat in a public restroom, why should breastfeeding be relegated to them?
ZombieJinx 🦀 ™®©° @Jennyjinx
@KnittingRad LOL! Well, being proficient in basic grammar isn't required for driving in circles. Also, I think he deleted it. @kaseykahne
Mx. Amadi @amaditalks
@KnittingRad I can't imagine any better insult from someone who's life's calling is driving in circles. #LikeADogChasingItsTail
Name cannot be blank @wr3n
@KnittingRad It's funny/sad how uncomfortable some people are with a woman's body unless they're controlling it.
@KnittingRad WTF do you expect from a redneck who only knows how to drive in a one way circle? He obviously slept through English class too
Holly SmilesALot™️🧁 @Princess_Holly
@KnittingRad You've had quite a day. Good on you mama! Stand up to those hillbilly rednecks.
Heidi @heidiknits
@KnittingRad Heehee. I love you. Is your Husband shitting himself yet?
Jessica Luther @jessicawluther
@KnittingRad Thanks. I love you when you call deserving douchebags douchebags. A good team, I think.
@MakeHerWay @MakeHerWay
@KnittingRad I suppose the dipshit who drives counterclockwise doesn't care that he used the wrong your/you're @bluecollardaugh
betsysoderlund @betsysoderlund
@KnittingRad I wish I could follow you over & over again for your Twitterings today! @JerseyGirl1026 @MikeKKR
Blissful Place Ⓥ @OurElysium
@KnittingRad @kaseykahne Weird-it's totally acceptable to drink the milk from a COW (different species) but breastfeeding is nasty?!? #moron
Name cannot be blank @wr3n
@KnittingRad good grief. Are ppl still tweeting their intolerance of breast feeding? Our culture is so jacked.
betsysoderlund @betsysoderlund
@KnittingRad oh, I could NEVER do what you or stacey do. I'm just enjoying reading your work & love the dumb bitch that thinks boobs=dicks.
Name cannot be blank @wr3n
@KnittingRad it's troubling how many women are weighing in seemingly under the impression our bodies & natural processes are gross.
@MakeHerWay @MakeHerWay
@KnittingRad @antsgirl97 @WentRogue Double standard. Men expose their breasts in public freely. Yes, men have breasts. Yes, double standard.
Toni Campbell @ton1lynn
@KnittingRad Level of ignorance in this guy's fans is wild! When ppl insult you consider the quality of the source before getting offended.
Angela James @angelajames
@KnittingRad sorry you're dealing with crazy people. Good on you for standing up for what you believe in, despite dealing w/ugliness.
Bridget Cusick @BridgetCusick
@KnittingRad I bet @GreatClips wld b interested in ur convo w/their driver. Sponsors frown on calling potential customers "dumb b!*$%^#"
Bridget Cusick @BridgetCusick
@KnittingRad I'm sure @FarmersGroup wld also b interested in their driver's opinions & outrageous comments 2 u yesterday. They sponsor that.
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