Petition for goverment about SNSD

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Maimon Herawati @maimonh 04/08/2017 02:49:41 WIB
1. I rarely use twitter to express my opinion coz UI find the limited letter allowed is bothersome. But here it goes regarding my petition
Maimon Herawati @maimonh 04/08/2017 02:52:08 WIB
2. I petitioned in for the government to cancel their invitation to SNSD.…
Maimon Herawati @maimonh 04/08/2017 02:53:36 WIB
3. I relied infos from many mainstream media such as Tempo, CNN, Viva, etc which similar in data and from the same source: press con 28/07
Maimon Herawati @maimonh 04/08/2017 02:58:26 WIB
4. The press con was held in Istana Negara, hosted by Mensesneg Pratikno, and Bekraf, Triawan Munaf, attended by national media
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Maimon Herawati @maimonh 04/08/2017 03:00:14 WIB
5. Here are more national media report
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Maimon Herawati @maimonh 04/08/2017 03:01:45 WIB
6. the next day, 29/07, most national newspaper reported the same thing, SNSD was invited to celebrate Indonesian Independence day.
Maimon Herawati @maimonh 04/08/2017 03:04:38 WIB
7. I know koreanwave, did research, presented it in Seoul etc. So I understand the norm and values kpop represents.
Maimon Herawati @maimonh 04/08/2017 03:06:35 WIB
8. Any government mission is to strengthen its citizens nationalism, to maintain its forefather respected values for the nation.
Maimon Herawati @maimonh 04/08/2017 03:07:40 WIB
9. Including Indonesia. I deem that inviting SNSD for my country independence day is not in line with what government should do.
Maimon Herawati @maimonh 04/08/2017 03:09:33 WIB
10. Yes they famous and talented, the most revered girls group in Asia and inviting them to do a concert is fine, but not by gov. invitation
Maimon Herawati @maimonh 04/08/2017 03:10:41 WIB
11. Indonesia and Korea both have their own history, different religion, different set of beliefs, and moral values. Each for their own.
Maimon Herawati @maimonh 04/08/2017 03:11:47 WIB
12. I judge everything according to Islam teach me. How to behave, how to dress, etc.
Maimon Herawati @maimonh 04/08/2017 03:12:44 WIB
13. But I will respect all your personal choice. You want to wear bikini? Have your own way....but not in my classroom, not in my home etc.
Maimon Herawati @maimonh 04/08/2017 03:13:49 WIB
14. As much as I respected the hardworking girls in SNSD, I strongly believe that the way they dress or dance are not what I would promote
Maimon Herawati @maimonh 04/08/2017 03:14:29 WIB
15. They are free to do as their wish. It their body, their lives, but not for me, for my children, or my Indonesian Muslim young girls
Maimon Herawati @maimonh 04/08/2017 03:15:32 WIB
16. Hence, I think government invitation is wrong because it sent wrong message to younger people of what role model should they have.
Maimon Herawati @maimonh 04/08/2017 03:17:50 WIB
17. Later, Triawan clarified that SNSD was invited for Asian Games countdown. A bit odd because in a way said that all media were wrong
Maimon Herawati @maimonh 04/08/2017 03:19:55 WIB
18. For me, be it for independence day or Asian Games countdown, the fact remain, as formal gov invitee, SNSD is not suitable role model.
Maimon Herawati @maimonh 04/08/2017 03:21:16 WIB
19. Or any other girlband group for that matter. I see the dress and dance as an act of female body objectification.
Maimon Herawati @maimonh 04/08/2017 03:23:18 WIB
20. As an advocate for women empowerment, i see that girlgroup band is putting women as an object of desire and gratification.
Maimon Herawati @maimonh 04/08/2017 03:24:28 WIB
21. Point: gov should work on building nationalism and bringing any foreign entertainer would not help doing it.
Maimon Herawati @maimonh 04/08/2017 03:25:37 WIB
22. Gov should maintain national respected values as in Pancasila, and sexiness is not one of them.
Maimon Herawati @maimonh 04/08/2017 03:27:30 WIB
23. I was insulted and degraded by SONE Indonesia. I see it as a process of maturity. I wish, SONE would care to listen to video presscon
Maimon Herawati @maimonh 04/08/2017 03:28:21 WIB
24. I believe, if SONE care to listen to it, and read mainstream media at 29/07, they would see that my petition was valid and right
Maimon Herawati @maimonh 04/08/2017 03:30:06 WIB
25. My standpoint is against any foreign culture which are not suitable with my belief, Islam. This is also Jokowi stressed upon in 30/07
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