Baru-baru ini twitter kembali melakukan update pada interfacenya, kali ini perubahan terjadi pada jenis dan ukuran font

Greg Miller @GameOverGreggy
Did anyone else's Twitter font just change or am I having a stroke?
sips @Sips_
woke up, logged on to my twitter and immediately felt rage. what font is this
Nathan Adams @Dinnerbone
Twitter has a new font! It's driving me crazy. Not because of how hard to read it is, but because they didn't adjust line heights. pic.twitter.com/ybX9hyMr8c
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VI. @Vitalintegrity
. 📌The new Twitter Font is horrible! . 📌Do you Agree? . @Twitter . pic.twitter.com/XzuyAdWoSB
Jamie👻 @Jambo971
"I appreciate that they changed the font on Twitter and made it smaller" - said no one ever.
Dawn Walton @CTVdawnwalton
Twitter users: Can we please, please, please get an edit function? Twitter: Hey, here's a new font!
Searge @SeargeDP
Hey, @Twitter, why don't you just stop fucking up your website? This font is NOT more readable than the old one! #ThingsYouMissed
Aldion Biran Fachrezy @dionfachrezy
eh baru sadar, kalo font twitter di desktop ganti. di hape masih sama.
Hannah Wallen🐸gab.ai/oneiorosgrip😁unintimidated @Oneiorosgrip
Users: "Stop shadowbanning, throttling, and suspending us over political disagreement! Twitter: ✨"Here, have a new font!"✨ 🙄 "Did Twitter"
John Epler @eplerjc
The new Twitter font marks the most I've been annoyed about something so petty in a while.
Putu Ebo @putuebo
Baru buka twitter.. .. ntar dulu ... ada yg berubah! font twitter! Jelek!

Font twitter yang terbaru menggunakan jenis font Segoe sedangkan sebelumnya menggunakan jenis font Helvetica

Brady Hartel @ashuraou
So Twitter changed their font from Helvetica Neue (IIRC) to Segoe. Segoe is the font used on the XBOX360 dash and Windows Vista+ for its UI.
carys mills @CarysMills
Twitter just updated its font to Segoe UI ... not a fan
emma @flippycp
Twitter changed their font to "Segoe UI". Browsers that do not support this font will have Arial as a fallback.
Fake “Unicode.” ↙️ @FakeUnicode
is Twitter A/B testing again? font-family: "Helvetica Neue",Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;        ⬇ font-family: "Segoe UI",Arial,sans-serif;
Twitter has changed the font, now it's the hideously thin Segoe(?). Not a good choice, @Twitter.
tim @datassmash
how do i change twitter's font back to Helvetica Neue instead of Segoe UI

Tidak sedikit para pengguna mengungkapkan protes karena font yang dipilih terlihat terlalu kecil

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