A Testy Debate On Centralisation & Governance

A very long debate which began with my comments about centralised governance, but evolved from there. The best way to look at the later part of the debate is that @OccupyMainSt is on the side of reform, whilst I argue for deep, systemic restructuring.
Andrew @timeoutcorner

It's amusing to me that so many are still hung up on @BarackObama whilst the USA is crashing and burning for the last time.

29/12/2011 09:25:35 WIB
Andrew @timeoutcorner

In other news, the United Kingdom could use some serious devolution of power right about now.

29/12/2011 09:26:05 WIB
Andrew @timeoutcorner

Centralising models of political arrangement are failing world-wide. The power to revive economies and societies rest with the masses alone.

29/12/2011 09:30:52 WIB
Andrew @timeoutcorner

Those countries which wish to survive in any fashion must devolve vastly all power from central governments. Full stop.

29/12/2011 09:32:04 WIB
Andrew @timeoutcorner

@orphananni1978 In part. I think that Canada can definitely be well-served by a furthering of the Confederate model.

29/12/2011 09:45:12 WIB
Andrew @timeoutcorner

@orphananni1978 It has been bastardised, but not lost. The institutions of the Crown are still operative, and can be used to restructure. :)

29/12/2011 09:49:08 WIB
Nancy Drew Badly @orphananni1978

@timeoutcorner don't see how that would happen unless dissolution of federal government and the formation of a confederate union of prov.

29/12/2011 09:50:36 WIB
Andrew @timeoutcorner

@orphananni1978 The Canadian Constitution is extremely flexible. Federal Gov could be reformed into a Confederacy of the Provinces. :)

29/12/2011 09:55:19 WIB
Occupy Main Street @OccupyMainSt

@timeoutcorner // Well, centralized government isn't itself the problem. It's the lack of civic accountability that creates issues.

29/12/2011 09:33:03 WIB
Andrew @timeoutcorner

@OccupyMainSt I disagree in part. Centralisation of power is absolutely core to our problems. But so is apathy.

29/12/2011 09:34:02 WIB
Andrew @timeoutcorner

@OccupyMainSt Centralisation of power removes decision making power from the masses and consolidates it in fewer & fewer hands.

29/12/2011 09:34:51 WIB
Occupy Main Street @OccupyMainSt

@timeoutcorner // As a historian I can almost say that there's been no successful state in history that operated on a decentralized model.

29/12/2011 09:36:36 WIB
Occupy Main Street @OccupyMainSt

@timeoutcorner // I just don't see it that way. This is the same false dichotomy as "big" and "small" govt. where only one can be good.

29/12/2011 09:38:38 WIB
Occupy Main Street @OccupyMainSt

@timeoutcorner // Responsive governments can be big and central. Autocracy and arbitrary power can exist in small, decentralized govts.

29/12/2011 09:39:46 WIB
Andrew @timeoutcorner

@OccupyMainSt Switzerland has operated for many years on a highly decentralised model. Articles of Confederation were modelled after Swiss.

29/12/2011 09:38:45 WIB
Andrew @timeoutcorner

@OccupyMainSt In my opinion, the Articles were a highly successful document. They had to be thrown out in order to build an Empire. ;)

29/12/2011 09:39:16 WIB
Andrew @timeoutcorner

@OccupyMainSt Additionally, what 'centralised' means in the modern world is vastly more disenfranchising than any other model in history.

29/12/2011 09:39:54 WIB
Occupy Main Street @OccupyMainSt

@timeoutcorner // With respect, that's not a great historical argument. Articles failed miserably at all government functions.

29/12/2011 09:41:01 WIB
Andrew @timeoutcorner

@OccupyMainSt Remember winners write history. Articles only failed to satisfy the Federalists' imperial ambitions.

29/12/2011 09:42:31 WIB
Occupy Main Street @OccupyMainSt

@timeoutcorner // Respectfully, that's not really true anymore. History has come a long way as a discipline. We don't "look the other way."

29/12/2011 09:43:33 WIB
Occupy Main Street @OccupyMainSt

@timeoutcorner // The biggest part of historians' job is to challenge official narratives, investigate/overturn propaganda.

29/12/2011 09:45:02 WIB
Andrew @timeoutcorner

@OccupyMainSt With respect, my friend, if that were true WikiLeaks would not be necessary. :)

29/12/2011 09:46:09 WIB
Occupy Main Street @OccupyMainSt

@timeoutcorner // That's neither true nor fair. Current events don't have the distance for historians to properly analyze.

29/12/2011 09:48:20 WIB
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