Unbearable Clients And Unreadable Books

"Servicegesellschaft" is the German word for "service society". It's not easy to satisfy book readers nowadays, if they plan a text about it, even less. Read More
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[]{}(((wn030))){}[] @wikinews030 30/11/2012 21:23:11 WIB
@wikileaks a book. now I get it. [was a long holiday here.] now how many ghostwriters was it this time? what proof do we have for "author"?
[]{}(((wn030))){}[] @wikinews030 30/11/2012 21:32:46 WIB
@wikileaks hope at least that is true. CO-author. CO- [some really take some time to wake up, isn't it? and the upload button in 2022?
[]{}(((wn030))){}[] @wikinews030 30/11/2012 21:30:56 WIB
@wikileaks well at least the SPIEGEL is correct here. FDL made however exactly the expected mistake. @firedoglake @kgosztola -> co-author
[]{}(((wn030))){}[] @wikinews030 30/11/2012 21:54:06 WIB
@orbooks question. what format of http://t.co/Z5G8rhwj does arrive when sb chooses ebook? and when? and via which channel/tech transfer way?
[]{}(((wn030))){}[] @wikinews030 30/11/2012 23:06:13 WIB
@johnghoakes hey we have a tweet thingy here and offer to rt the reply, what would the reply be? https://t.co/wgYTIGbK
[]{}(((wn030))){}[] @wikinews030 02/12/2012 16:28:02 WIB
@wikileaks question. do you think they really want to sell it, the book? https://t.co/wgYTIGbK you would expect a reply, somehow.
[]{}(((wn030))){}[] @wikinews030 02/12/2012 16:29:33 WIB
@wikileaks sure,it's sunday and lot of stuff going on,but Uwould expect a reply to a possible client asking a question https://t.co/wgYTIGbK

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