Kocak, Mal Ini Sediakan "Ruang Penitipan Suami" Berfasilitas Lengkap Buat Para Istri yang Demen Shopping

Sekarang nggak cuma barang dan anak yang bisa dititipkan.
awesomes mall hiburan tiongkok istri suami shanghai
BBC News (World) @BBCWorld
China mall introduces "husband storage" pods for shopping wives bbc.in/2uqup21

Foto-foto penampakannya…

Joel Franco @OfficialJoelF
Chinese mall unveils the "husband pod," small video game booths meant for men to use while their significant other shops pic.twitter.com/rvkSlqmS3I
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People's Daily, China @PDChina
Shanghai mall provides 'husband storage' facilities for shopping wives bit.ly/2ug2tNS pic.twitter.com/uAl2qli19s
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Ada videonya juga…

The Today Show @TheTodayShow
A mall in China has installed "husband pods" which involves a glass container where men can go to relax while their partner's shop. #9Today pic.twitter.com/JLGYZbvRov
Jesse Hosey @jesse_hosey
@BBCWorld Take it to the next step, recliners, huge flat screens, football and beer 😊
Dr Benway @d_r_benway
@BBCWorld In the UK we have a similar thing, its called the pub
🦇 Haggy New Year 🍑 @tctrauscht
@BBCWorld Our equivalent in the US is a small bench outside of the stores. I call it Sad Dad Island.


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