Obama Nyanyi Shape of You

bagus bgt kompilasinya
singing obama
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Andrew Church @Chualland 18/07/2017 07:57:35 WIB
@Acosta Are you still bent out of shape that after 8 years of being Obama's press secretary you no longer have the job? 1A is for POTUS too.
Double R @garry_waggamon 18/07/2017 06:20:06 WIB
@JoeBiden @washingtonpost Even though I disagree with you, I have a lot of respect for you. It was Mr Obama's EPA that put Wv in the shape it's in.
🚬 @Biebzz19 18/07/2017 01:30:40 WIB
@Haaaamdi @chartdata Closer smashed in Obama's America and shape of you is a global smash ,this lame excuse is so old grow up
GC @madNYsportsfan 15/07/2017 22:35:42 WIB
@damnthatvalley @FoxNews Just admit what you said made no sense at all - the economy is in good shape because of Obama? LOL.
ashleeviagedor_ @ashleeviagedor 15/07/2017 17:23:18 WIB
Aliw yung Obama sings Shape of you. Kahusay nung nagedit non! :)
Britney blackout @Descabeladx 15/07/2017 05:01:08 WIB
O Obama cantando shape of you foi genial
Vahag Azaryan @vahagn59054529 14/07/2017 18:06:43 WIB
Мне понравилось видео "Barack Obama Singing Shape of You by Ed Sheeran (VERSION AUTO TUNE) NOW ON iTUNES"
President Obonjo @Obonjocomedy 14/07/2017 14:01:16 WIB
Obama used to say " How are you " Trump says " You are in such good shape" The State of America. Sad!
Lisa Paul @2terriervineyrd 14/07/2017 06:16:25 WIB
If you want a crystal clear example of how money can't buy class, consider that Barack Obama was the child of a si… ift.tt/2udY1iL
Hugo Salvado @HugoRSalvado 14/07/2017 05:34:10 WIB
I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be/F-Apgska6Mg?a barack obama-Shape Of You [Official Video]
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Melissa Weber @missyweber120 14/07/2017 05:15:13 WIB
@technowizardry @MatthewDicks @POTUS And may I ask what you would have said had Obama made a comment like that about any woman? Or H.C. commenting on how good of shape he was in
Robert @ColSand42 14/07/2017 02:57:51 WIB
Imagine if Obama said to the 1st lady of another country. "You're in such good shape...beautiful"
emily @emily_obama 14/07/2017 01:01:17 WIB
It appears I can't go anywhere without hearing shape of you
Kelly Omar @Omar_Kelly1 14/07/2017 00:32:02 WIB
J'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "Barack Obama Singing Shape of You by Ed Sheeran (VERSION AUTO TUNE) NOW ON iTUNES" à l'adresse
Agos @AgosDucca 13/07/2017 21:39:15 WIB
Tengo que admitir que el de Obama cantando shape of you quedo buenisimo. 🙄
One4truth @funkywhitechoco 13/07/2017 19:53:46 WIB
@thedemorats @realDonaldTrump You must be forgetting the shape of the economy that Obama inherited and the fact that he saved us from another depression.

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