15/07/2017 14:21:41 WIB

Buset, Cewek Ramping Ini Lahap 22 Big Mac McDonald's dalam Waktu Kurang Dari Satu Jam

Dilansir dari UNILAD, cewek berbadan ramping ini meraup semuanya dengan rakus.
makan McDonald's bigmac BURGER
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  • Video aslinya diunggah oleh Nela Zisser di YouTube pada 8 November 2015.

  • Netizen yang mengomentari aksi gadis pelahap Big Mac ini.

    Craig Musgrove Holy! I had to google how many calories in a big mac... 257 calories at 22 burgers is 5654 calories... I thought it would be way more...still 5 times daily recommended input.. yeah... something would have to come out pretty quick (either end) i would say! Jeez I have two and I am done for the day!

    Amy Layman
    Not impressive. The poor girl is probably going to have a heart attack any minute. I couldn't imagine how gross she felt. Of all burgers in the world she chooses a big Mac. Yuck

    Dean Angel
    Impressive!! but would like to watch it in realtime. Suspiciously it didn't look like she actually finished some of them. Not hating, just saying. 😶

    Joseph Muniz
    She will be obese and riding one of those powered wheelchairs when she gets older like most American women. Then people wonder why insurance is high, because we gotta pay for the fatties.

    Victoria Sirmai
    My condolences to her digestive system. So much junk in one shot. I am sure that there are faster ways to detroy the organism, if somebody truly desires not to have a healthy life.


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