Kenneth Roth @KenRoth
Since #Israel insists it doesn't commit war crimes, why not call PA bluff & welcome #ICC to deter Hamas rocket attacks? http://t.co/X5NG4puO
Jessy El Murr ّجيسي المر @jessytrends
#Abbas tells #UNGA countries your +ve votes sends messages to our pple and prisoners that justice is still possible #Palestine
(((YousefMunayyer))) @YousefMunayyer
Waiting for this Onion headline: Palestinians in Ramallah look forward to annual UN bid, reason to party
Marc Zell @GOPIsrael
Will Congress have the courage to cut off funding to the UN after today's outrage.
Alan Dershowitz @TheDersh
And yet a terrible War Crimes Tribunal defense. MT @BarakRavid: [Ambassador Ron Prosor's] UNGA speech today would make a great campaign ad
Tom Stevenson @TomFStevenson
138 in favour, 9 opposed, 41 abstain. Resolution passed. #Palestine #UNGA
Arab American Instit. @AAIUSA
#Palestine was just recognized as an observer state by the #UNGA with 138 supporting votes, 9 against, & 41 abstentions! #Palestine194
Ali Abunimah @AliAbunimah
Dear Palestinians: UN votes to affirm your rights annually by huge margins. Where has that got you? This isn't history its farce.
Chemi Shalev @ChemiShalev
UK calls Abbas "courageous man of peace" but abstained nonetheless because did not receive assurances that Palestinians would not go to ICC
RT @benabyad: The "no" votes: US, Israel, Panama, Palau, Canada, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Czech Republic, Micronesia #UN #Palestine194
Niki A نیکی اخوان @niki888
"wrong side of history" Canada, Czech Republic, Palau, Nauru, Micronesia, Marshall island, Panama, US, Israel #unbid #unga
Alex Kane @alexbkane
LOL: Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev says he agrees with @AliAbunimah.
Raed Jarrar @raedjarrar
Wrong Side of History: Canada, Czech Republic, Palau, Nauru, Micronesia, Marshall island, Panama, Israel, and USA #palestine #unga #138-9
(((YousefMunayyer))) @YousefMunayyer
There's 3 TIMES as many Israeli settlers in the WB than THE COMBINED POPULATIONS of Nuaru, Palau, Marshall Ils. & Micronesia which voted no.
Alan Dershowitz @TheDersh
On @AJEnglish, the man of my dreams, @MarkRegevPMO, agrees with the man of my nightmares, @AliAbunimah, about UN bid. I feel cold inside.
Natasha Mozgovaya @mozgovaya
#AIPAC: "#UNGA recklessly set back the chances 4 peace btw Israelis & #Palestinians; #Abbas has irresponsibly chosen posturing over peace"
Noob_Medic but Old Grey wolf during the full moon @noob_medic
@raedjarrar i might add the 41 that abstained to this list of govt on the wrong side of history too .
Rania Khalek @RaniaKhalek
.@AJEnglish anchor to Mark Regev: "Are you worried PA will go to ICC?" Mark Regev: awkward pause…"For what?" #UNbid #Palestine194
Susan Rice -Archived @AmbRice44
Progress towards a just & lasting two-state solution cannot be made by pressing a green voting button in NY.
Paul Rogers @paulrogers002
@raedjarrar Pacific states so dependent on US aid that they had little choice in their vote. Natural Palestinian supporters otherwise..
arete veritas @Arete_Veritas
@paulrogers002 @raedjarrar thank you for stating that. Thats what I said. I'm half Micronesian and Pro-Palestinian
Electronic Intifada @intifada
In long-awaited visit to #Gaza, @LinahAlsaafin finally got to give her grandmother a kiss http://t.co/UXmYET8w
Raed Jarrar @raedjarrar
Meanwhile, U.S. Secretary of Defense pinned the DOD Medal for Distinguished Public Service on Ehud Barak http://t.co/eDwUZEEH #warcriminal
Scott Roth @scottroth76
Israelis show restraint b/c they don't nuke the Palestinians. If situation were reversed, Pals would nuke Isr. - Maher http://t.co/iTfnBvlF
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