Calm Your Beans @CalmYourBeans
The Christmas period can be hectic...don't spend all of it in your car! http://t.co/qdUDWsdT #traffic #winter
Emily Taylor @mustdashdance
First time this winter...car battery flat :/

Winter can be a pretty miserable time for car owners.

Winter is a time of cold, wet weather and dark nights. Cars can be especially susceptible to problems in these kinds of conditions. Some of the most common problems are flat batteries and cracked windshields from ice and defreezing methods.

When your car windscreen is covered with ice and you're in a rush to get to work, you might often resort to quick methods to clear it. This can involve pouring hot water over the glass, or other quick ways. But this can just weaken and damage your window in the long run. It is better to take the time to slowly defrost your windscreen.

Your tyres are something you will want to keep an eye on. Conditions can be very icy and slick during Winter and you want as much grip as possible to avoid accidents. It is said that the tread on your tyres should be at least 3mm during Winter and certainly no less than 2mm.

Make sure you're prepared for Winter -- no problem wants car problems at this expensive time of the year!

Alice Oliver @aliceeoliver
I can tell that my biggest winter problem this year will be getting my car unlocked, as the lock is aways frozen and my key is bent!
Glasgow City Centre Police @GlasgowCPolice
With winter now upon us, have you prepared your car for winter? Check your tyres, wipers & washer fluid levels #staysafe
Marion @marioncafc1
Scraping ice off the car at this time! Winter is really here. Beautiful morning though.
amy mack @amymack_
after de-icing my car at 3am, going to work, de-icing my car again to come home, i'm definitely not a fan of winter!
Daniel Ward @HeyyyDW
Car is still frozen, bloody winter


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