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Terharu, Polisi Thailand Balas Ancaman Pria Berpisau dengan Pelukan

Kadang yang dibutuhkan hanyalah sebuah pelukan hangat.

Dilansir dari, pria berusia 45 tahun ini menerobos masuk ke sebuah kantor polisi kota Bangkok, Thailand dengan membawa sebilah pisau. Salah satu polisi yang bertugas yang bernama Anirut Malee melihatnya dan langsung mengajaknya mengobrol sambil membujuknya untuk menyerahkan pisaunya, sebelum akhirnya memeluk si pria.
URL Viral 4 Real Thai Police Officer Dubbed a Hero after Giving a Knife-wielding Man a Big Hug to Calm Him Down He calmly talked to the man and gave him a big hug after. A man wielding a large knife in Huay Kwang police station in Bangkok, Thailand, was saved and given a big hug by one of the police officers to calm him down. Apparently, the 45-year-old man suddenl 539
Netizen menyampaikan rasa harunya di kolom komentar video tersebut di Facebook. Mereka juga memuji petugas polisi tersebut dan menyebutkan bahwa mungkin hidup pria tersebut tidaklah mudah dan hanya membutuhkan sebuah pelukan.

Markus Andreas Rubach Life probably hasnt been easy for this guy, sometimes we all just need a hug

Being a good policeofficer means being a good humanbeing, great work <3

Sarah Abed When you see other people as humans, and value human life. This made me cry 😭. What a wonderful group of officers. In the US he would haven been killed most likely.

Mark Pineda Simple as that. Compassion for the people who became desperate due to hard life. In other countries, they might have shot to death the old man.

MJ Cordeiro Humanistic approach first...that's what I got out of this. Congrats to the first responder who dealt w/it swiftly an appropriately.

Julie Saiki I've been in Thailand and i like the place and the people. And to know that the police are not abusive to their power, i feel safe to go back there again in the future👍 miss their nice delicious fruits and foods❤️


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