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Lucu tp Benar! Sains Buktikan Ada 2 Jin di Air Menjawab Knp Bismillah Harus Diucapkan Sblm Minum

Jawabannya benar, jin terdapat di air minum tapi tolong jangan ketawa ngakak
Haraam Police @saadabdulhai

Always say Bismillah before drinking water. There are 3 jinns in your cup. Two Hydrojinns and one Oxyjinn.

09/07/2015 19:34:01 WIB
Ganesh K @Athreya83

@saadabdulhai @TheRajarshi. Lol then you should say always..cos the air you breathe has nitrojinn and oxyjinn :-P

12/06/2016 09:22:04 WIB
Ghormeh Sabzi @sabzeepolo

@saadabdulhai @farida_art hurt myself laughing to this!!! Watching the #Ramzan #FathersDay gently wane waiting for #iftar giggling @ djinn

20/06/2016 03:14:18 WIB
Ghormeh Sabzi @sabzeepolo

@farida_art @saadabdulhai thank u its a pleasure to read & share a little of yr learning : )

20/06/2016 03:28:09 WIB


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