Pengakuan Mengejutkan Para Wanita Indonesia yang Pernah Tinggal di Kamp ISIS, Raqqa

Shocking? Or..
Ari Murad @arimuradd

Shocking! Indonesian 'Jihadi brides' who lived in ISIS capital of Raqqa via Turkey confess what life was like in the Jihadi stronghold.

15/06/2017 07:38:27 WIB
Rahmat Januardi @rahmatjanuardi8

@AriMurad_ damnn as an indonesian, i feel so shame, why they went to ISIS teritoriy when indonesia situation in peace.

16/06/2017 11:42:46 WIB
Done @donefor30

@AriMurad_ What's shocking? A bunch of myopic and egoistic women were disappointed that life in the Iblistic State wasn't all that. Boring.

16/06/2017 02:37:18 WIB
danaducessa @danaducessa

@AriMurad_ Not shocking..just stupid..indeed they knew Indonesian info on situation in Afghanistan..Syria.. Iraq may be romanticized but jihad is jihad

16/06/2017 08:37:27 WIB
Sudah bosan.... @bosan090517

@AriMurad_ Just hold them forever over there. We didn't need them here in Indonesia. They are just a lunatic and need to stay from us.

16/06/2017 10:03:58 WIB
Terco Recalcitrante @TercoRec

@AriMurad_ They knew #ISIS atrocities because ISIS publicized them in internet & they decided to go. SDF should not move a finger for them.

15/06/2017 11:00:46 WIB
Daniel Lobato @dlobatob

@TercoRec @AriMurad_ Exactly... why they move to Syria? maybe "land of opportunities"? Before all, they must explain the reasons & apologize to syrian people

15/06/2017 20:11:12 WIB
Umut @ua2487

@AriMurad_ She didn't marry them, not bc they where terrorists killing innocent people, bc she didn't know them enough. They belong in jail.

15/06/2017 15:06:40 WIB


bolavada @bolavada 22/06/2017 21:17:45 WIB
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