#UK: Sgt Danny Nightingale case

(Wait. He was in Syria? What were SAS doing, and when?)

SAS soldier Danny Nightingale case review 'inappropriate'
20 November 2012 Last updated at 19:39 GMT

URL the Guardian Danny Nightingale case: court of appeal to rule on jailed SAS soldier Court to rule on 18-month sentence handed to Nightingale for illegally keeping a pistol and ammunition at his home
The Sun @TheSun

The Sun is backing a petition to free war hero #DannyNightingale from behind bars immediately - sign it here http://t.co/CkTA15m9

29/11/2012 00:25:28 WIB
Telegraph Politics @TelePolitics

SAS hero Sgt Danny Nightingale 'dares not get his hopes up' as court hears appeal http://t.co/O4ZW18jO

29/11/2012 18:44:18 WIB
Matthew Chance @mchancecnn

In Appeal Court in London, as hearing gets underway into 18 month sentence of British SAS soldier convicted have having illegal gun

29/11/2012 21:07:50 WIB
Matthew Chance @mchancecnn

Sgt Danny nightingale was presented with pistol in Iraq as gift from Iraqi soldiers he was training

29/11/2012 21:08:42 WIB
Brian Whelan @brianwhelanhack

.@mchancecnn what about the hundreds of rounds of ammunition, including armour piercing rounds? Under his bed...

29/11/2012 21:09:55 WIB
Matthew Chance @mchancecnn

He said he forgotten about the gun, which was found in its unopened case.

29/11/2012 21:10:06 WIB
Matthew Chance @mchancecnn

Options for court: uphold, reduce or suspend his 18 month prison sentence

29/11/2012 21:11:03 WIB
Matthew Chance @mchancecnn

Nightingale, who has served in elite SAS for 11 years, sitting in dock, hands folded, without emotion.

29/11/2012 21:15:45 WIB
Matthew Chance @mchancecnn

Nightingale case has provoked public outrage. Lawyers to present petition calling for his release signed by 100 thousand people

29/11/2012 21:29:15 WIB
Matthew Chance @mchancecnn

"Forgetfulness is not a defence against the charge of illegal possession of firearms" prosecutor in Danny #Nightingale appeal #sas

29/11/2012 21:54:05 WIB
Matthew Chance @mchancecnn

Sgt nightingale suffered loss of memory after collapsing during Amazon marathon, say he forgot he'd been given the gun

29/11/2012 21:57:09 WIB
Matthew Chance @mchancecnn

"If ever there was a case in which a court should show mercy, it is this case," -- defence lawyer in #nightingale appeal.

29/11/2012 22:27:55 WIB
Matthew Chance @mchancecnn

Court told how sgt nightingale invented a field dressing for bullet wounds that "save lives" and is now widely used

29/11/2012 22:38:54 WIB
Matthew Chance @mchancecnn

@Defencebrief not being physically presented, just referred to by defence.

29/11/2012 22:41:30 WIB
Matthew Chance @mchancecnn

Appeal court adjourns as judges consider their decision

29/11/2012 22:42:58 WIB
Matthew Chance @mchancecnn

Ok judges are back. Standby for decision

29/11/2012 22:51:47 WIB
Matthew Chance @mchancecnn

@mchancecnn judge just revealed that nightingale had seen active service in #Syria

29/11/2012 22:53:14 WIB
innamood @InnaMood

Hmmm SAS in Syria - when? RT @mchancecnn judge just revealed that nightingale had seen active service in #Syria"

29/11/2012 22:59:02 WIB
Matthew Chance @mchancecnn

As I said, sentence not conviction being considered in appeal court

29/11/2012 23:09:11 WIB
Matthew Chance @mchancecnn

It was an offence of great folly, but not one undertaken for any personal gain -- judge

29/11/2012 23:16:15 WIB
Matthew Chance @mchancecnn

Sentence suspended!!! Nightingale to be released immediately!!!

29/11/2012 23:19:32 WIB
Sun Politics @SunPolitics

BREAKING: SAS hero Danny Nightingale has had his jail sentence suspended after winning appeal

29/11/2012 23:35:18 WIB
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