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Jangan Ketawa ya, Beginilah Tampilan Film Beauty and The Beast Sebelum Dipoles dengan Efek CGI!

ngakakk @tumbenlucu

Sudah nonton film live action Beauty and The Beast? Kalau kamu tau proses shootingnya kayak gini apa pendapat kamu?

Sella @dwisell

Watching bts of beauty and the beast when Dan Steven's onscreen without CGI got my mind blown. Dat fluffy attire tho such a hard work indeed

28/05/2017 10:06:34 WIB
MATT DENNEY (he/him) @themattdenney

I want to see the entire Beauty and the Beast movie without the Beast CGI.

01/06/2017 06:23:59 WIB
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FunnyDump 😂 @FunnyDumpLive

'Beauty And The Beast' Without CGI Is Ridiculous And People Can't Stop Laughing #memes #funny #fun #rt #pics #lol

29/05/2017 06:50:50 WIB
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cumberbatchlives @cumberbatchlive

“The Beast is this incredible kind of creation that Dan Stevens developed.” ❤️

24/05/2017 19:27:25 WIB
Harlee @albionscastle

Best thing ever! I now want to watch the whole movie with @thatdanstevens just in the ugly suit. Love this movie more and more daily.

24/05/2017 20:01:10 WIB


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