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Ucapkan Selamat Ramadhan, PM Kanada Justin Trudeau Makin Disaluti Netijen

Justin Trudeau @JustinTrudeau

Wishing Muslims in Canada and around the world a blessed & peaceful holy month of #Ramadan.

27/05/2017 03:08:48 WIB
Muslim_Bersatu @Muslim_Bersatu1

UCAPAN SELAMAT RAMADHAN'... By Perdana Menteri Kanada Justin Trudeau..

27/05/2017 13:05:47 WIB
Siraj Datoo @dats

I'm not ashamed to admit that @JustinTrudeau says Salaam Alaikum better than me #Ramadan

28/05/2017 05:27:58 WIB
Mubashir Khalid @MubashirAKhalid

Dear Prime Minister, @JustinTrudeau Walaikum Asalaam! Ramadan Mubarak to you too as well. Thank you for your #Ramadan msg @AhmadiyyaCanada

27/05/2017 09:09:20 WIB
Imran Solanki @imransolanki313

PM of #Canada @JustinTrudeau #Ramadan What a difference this country is making! We need more leaders like him to have peace in the #World

29/05/2017 08:11:52 WIB
Harun Elbinawi @ELBINAWI

Dear Prime Minister of Canada @JustinTrudeau Thank you for the #Ramadan message. You are far better than the American savage #Trump

30/05/2017 15:53:32 WIB
Bonnie Burton @bonniegrrl

@JustinTrudeau Canada is so lucky to have you. We ended up with Orange Hitler, and Canada got Superman.

27/05/2017 07:54:09 WIB
Femi @Femi_Sorry

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau wishing Muslims a happy Ramadan Mubarak. That's how it's done Trump (Version Francaise:…)…

28/05/2017 06:50:43 WIB
Jalil Khan @WizKhan101

I really,really love this guy,Justin Trudeau is such a nice man,I don't have enough sweet words to describe him.@JustinTrudeau #Ramadan…

29/05/2017 09:37:15 WIB


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