Kuduk pun Berdiri, Video Hantu Bocah Berlari & Melompat di Arus Banjir Dahsyat

Hantu pun takut banjir ye, spechless
Paranormalin @paranormalin

#Paranormal : Pin News Ghost jumps out of raging flood in Colombia #ghost #paranormal #spooky Credit - Daily... ow.ly/MnVh50byFn5

18/05/2017 05:01:16 WIB
Mr. Dark @MrDarkDFW

TONIGHT on #Brainwaves 'Ghost of boy' LEAPS from raging flood in Colombia mirror.co.uk/news/weird-new…

18/05/2017 02:04:23 WIB
Vieja Cabrona @mxviejacabrona

MamasLatinasUSA: This is the scariest thing I've seen on the internet in a while. You really do see the little boy… trib.al/6H7cHeo

18/05/2017 03:26:29 WIB
Story Jangan Tutup Mata, Penampakan Kuntil Anak di Tempat Dugem ini Bikin Kebayang-bayang Terus Kuntil anak pun suka tempat dugemm bukan anak gahool aja 5922 pv 2


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