Jacob Appelbaum bashes "snitch troll" Adrian Lamo

Jacob Appelbaum bashes "snitch troll" Adrian Lamo, bashes Griffin Boyce for defending Lamo, introduces COINTELPRO paranoia, words of wisdom from Lamo.
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Bailey Carlson @chagrinish 21/12/2011 08:20:42 WIB
As suspected, the Lamo-Uber circus is real - most had the right reaction to dismiss it because both are clowns. http://t.co/xObMqgZa
Bailey Carlson @chagrinish 21/12/2011 08:28:47 WIB
Lamo gave chat logs with Danny Clark to Feds after promising not to share them with anyone else - he has no ethics. http://t.co/xObMqgZa
Jacob Appelbaum @ioerror 21/12/2011 08:30:02 WIB
Remember when Adrian was just a snitch? It turns out he was a compensated informant until just a few months ago: http://t.co/cLgw6OhJ
Jacob Appelbaum @ioerror 21/12/2011 08:34:08 WIB
Does this mean that Adrian Lamo had his travel expenses to HOPE paid for by the US Government as an informant? It sure sounds like it!
Jacob Appelbaum @ioerror 21/12/2011 08:35:51 WIB
I guess this settles the "ethics" and "morality" questions - no one forced Adrian to seek other people out and thrown them under the bus.
Jacob Appelbaum @ioerror 13/06/2011 11:30:54 WIB
It appears that the old COINTELPRO tactics are happening in America to people who associate with me. In the dead of night. Free country, eh?
mikearchy @mikearchy 21/12/2011 08:38:00 WIB
@ioerror Sounds COINTELPRO-y and on par w/ other semi-related FBI operations over the last 2-3 years (and further into the past, of course).
Jacob Appelbaum @ioerror 18/03/2011 17:39:00 WIB
@gurifunu Not engaging with a snitch troll that spews bullshit is the smart tactic. Why bother refuting nonsense unsupported by evidence?
Jacob Appelbaum @ioerror 18/03/2011 17:22:55 WIB
@gurifunu Sure but probably not nearly as much as watching you enable a snitch troll, huh?
Jacob Appelbaum @ioerror 18/03/2011 17:44:58 WIB
@gurifunu What makes him a troll? He baits peoples into an emotional response? He snitched because he wanted attention? He lies for more?
Jacob Appelbaum @ioerror 18/03/2011 18:17:36 WIB
@gurifunu You're trying to convince me that AL did anything because of his conscience; you offer no evidence that he has one to begin with.
Jacob Appelbaum @ioerror 18/03/2011 17:59:32 WIB
@gurifunu Right and Dr. Hannibal Lecter just needed a hug in all of those books...
Griffin Boyce @abditum 18/03/2011 18:11:15 WIB
@ioerror Manning, of course, followed his conscience and acted ethically. But the same could be said of Adrian Lamo, from my perspective.
Jacob Appelbaum @ioerror 18/03/2011 18:22:37 WIB
@gurifunu You should do your homework. It doesn't make someone an ally if they happen to fly the queer flag. Especially when they out people
Adrián Lamo @6 18/03/2011 15:22:18 WIB
I plead guilty to being a source of incidents and accidents, hints & allegations,
Adrián Lamo @6 18/03/2011 16:12:06 WIB
@flexgirl2 @kaepora @savebradley Because I clearly pioneered, perfected, and patented the idea that actions have consequences,
Adrián Lamo @6 10/10/2011 18:20:00 WIB
This is a message for those associating with radioactive social elements. You're not anonymous.
Adrián Lamo @6 10/10/2011 18:21:12 WIB
Lastly, engaging in these activities under the pretense of protecting civil liberties is vile, and does a disservice to genuine issues.
Adrián Lamo @6 28/05/2011 00:07:51 WIB
@manuel_pineiro @attritionorg @ioerror @Cryptomeorg I'd rather be a protagonist to your scenery, MP. (That's your snark cue, @attritionorg.)
chirpstory @chirpstory 24/12/2011 07:24:05 WIB
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