Kisah Korban Kanker Paru2 Ini Tampar Keras Orang yang Suka Merokok di Dalam Rumah by @twt_malaysia

Kisah seperti inilah yang seharusnya bikin orang-orang yang suka merokok di dalam rumah sadar diri.
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Rakyat: Syahirah @twt_malaysia 08/05/2017 17:37:31 WIB
This tread is about #1 human killer. Forget about giant flying saucers from Mars. Yes, heart attack, it kills you and break yr family's πŸ’”
Rakyat: Syahirah @twt_malaysia 08/05/2017 17:44:32 WIB
My youngest patient with heart attack was 30y old. He collapsed after sudden chest pain. No, he wasn't Dr Adam from #NovelBreathe
Rakyat: Syahirah @twt_malaysia 08/05/2017 17:50:15 WIB
He left behind his 29y old wife he met at college and a 3 year old girl. We perform 60-min CPR. But the attack was massive
Rakyat: Syahirah @twt_malaysia 08/05/2017 18:04:21 WIB
Happened to know the wife. She re-married now - life has to move on. The dead husband was thin, but smoked 1 pack a day 🚬🚬🚬
Rakyat: Syahirah @twt_malaysia 08/05/2017 18:15:57 WIB
"For more info on heart attack. Please continue smoking." 🚬
Rakyat: Syahirah @twt_malaysia 08/05/2017 19:23:38 WIB
Haa ini pula beza, paru2 org tak merokok (kiri) vs merokok (kanan). Beritahu bf/tunang/suami yg merokok. Kalau nak bagitau ex-bf optional
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Rakyat: Syahirah @twt_malaysia 08/05/2017 19:42:21 WIB
2 yr ago, I saw a 38 y old woman with lung cancer. Second-hand smoker. Today, her husband is still alive, somewhere, smoking.
Rakyat: Syahirah @twt_malaysia 08/05/2017 20:15:54 WIB
Before she died, she asked me, "what's my fault, doc?". I couldn't tell her the truth. That it's the smoke she inhaled from the husband
Rakyat: Syahirah @twt_malaysia 09/05/2017 10:52:29 WIB
Once u've finished smoking. The 'smoke' stays in the room for 3-4 hours. Waiting for yr children / wife to come home & breathe it. #cancer
Rakyat: Syahirah @twt_malaysia 09/05/2017 16:47:01 WIB
"I love you bae," said the boyfriend, Marlboro dangling from his lips, puffing cloud of smoke at his makwe's face. She inhaled. The end.
Z🐝 @hanazasakura 08/05/2017 20:44:19 WIB
@twt_malaysia Its sad story...😒Thats why smoking is prohibited in islam..its not only harmful to the smoker but also to surrounding people..
Farah @frhaxxx 10/05/2017 11:49:08 WIB
@twt_malaysia So grateful that both of my bros are not smoking inside the house. If they did, i know what to do

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