Kok Bisa bak Kakak-Adik? Video Para Balita dgn Anjing ini Bikin Hati Membuncah Bahagia

Anjing selalu tahu bagaimana menyenangkan anak-anak yang tulus menyayanginya
The Dodo @dodo

When kids have a dog, they don't just grow up with a pet — they grow up with a best friend 💞 pic.twitter.com/CaDlr4FidN

16/05/2017 23:35:03 WIB
Travis. @T4dyce


16/05/2017 23:38:21 WIB
Keith @KKoz91

@dodo They're not wrong. I had my dog for 15 years when we had to put him down. I'm 25, over half my life was with that dog. Miss you Luke.

16/05/2017 23:38:47 WIB
Refly @ReflyTurbo

@dodo Research indicates presence of a dog also reduces chances a baby will develop allergies.

16/05/2017 23:40:50 WIB
Diana Dee 👁❤🌮 @DianaDee16

@dodo Too many families dump their dog off at the pound b/c they're 'too much work'. A dog is like another child. Pls. adopt/buy responsibly.

16/05/2017 23:43:53 WIB
Alyss 42 @Calyss11

@dodo @pe8744 And some cats almost do the same too (memories...)

16/05/2017 23:47:41 WIB
🌻 @wanderlust77777

@dodo They're the best I swear 😭😭😭

16/05/2017 23:50:00 WIB
RejZoR 🐑 @RejZoRSheep

@dodo Our westie grew up with small kids and she still totally freaks out every time she sees small kids.

16/05/2017 23:51:53 WIB
-B- @B_Stone__

@T4dyce @dodo @hyruleLoLo Womb nuggets! I'm stealing that!!!😂😂😂

16/05/2017 23:57:57 WIB
Rob J Edward @robjayedward

@dodo Unless you're a scouser. Liverpool dogs dine on children.

16/05/2017 23:59:23 WIB
James Harold Ruf @james_ruf

@dodo If we humans could love like think how great this life could be...at least we have our fur babies

17/05/2017 00:01:14 WIB
✖DA GAZZ UNIT✖ @gazzbroom

@dodo That's like me and my dog we got her the same day I was born had her for 15 years sadly passed away when I was 15 so bout 12 yrs ago

17/05/2017 00:53:58 WIB
a n i s a @pfftnooo

@dodo wow that has me in tears i don't even care anymore I'm getting a dog

17/05/2017 01:12:46 WIB
Chou_mane @imchowchou

@dodo Till they die and you face an endless depression

17/05/2017 05:42:45 WIB
mpplvt @mpplvt

@dodo What a wonderful video. The smiles on the children are just delightful. Thank you so much for sharing.

17/05/2017 06:36:29 WIB
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