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Dog Allen Pic (&Vid) List 

Ricky Williams @rickystheman

Lol...sorry I'm walking these two! Try is @ZorroPup in BoJangles @KrisAllen shirt

18/03/2011 04:18:23 WIB
Zorro Allen @ZorroPup

Just hanging out waiting for Dad to get home tomorrow. I can't wait.

14/03/2011 12:22:54 WIB
Zorro Allen @ZorroPup

We wish we were going to my dad's show tomorrow. It's for cool pets like us.

13/03/2011 11:09:28 WIB
Zorro Allen @ZorroPup

We are really going to miss Grandpa Pete. He gave me my favorite toy, and I know Mom loved him so much.

02/03/2011 13:47:47 WIB
Brandon K Shatswell @bkshatswell

Aint no earthquake gonna scare this dude...@zorropup@ is a beast... #fb #tc

28/02/2011 12:37:11 WIB
Zorro Allen @ZorroPup

Dad got me this cool new fort to help get me ready for my airplane carrying case. I dragged all my toys into it!

26/02/2011 09:58:01 WIB
Zorro Allen @ZorroPup

I miss Dad :/ I can't wait for him to get home Friday. (I have a fun surprise for him)

21/02/2011 14:26:05 WIB
Zorro Allen @ZorroPup

I'm ready for the snow! Thanks Audra for getting me this coat so I won't shiver like last time. :D

10/02/2011 00:54:31 WIB
Zorro Allen @ZorroPup

Having a good day snuggling with Mom and watching House :D

04/02/2011 01:39:51 WIB
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