#MacronLeaks: Twitter search results

Am archiving a bit of my Twitter search results. Note that I have muted/blocked a lot of alt-right accounts (that's why you don't see Drudge Report) because they are making waaaaay too much noise and because many of them can't even read French while messing with the French presidential election.
Trial Post
Disobedient Media @DisobedientNews
Massive files filled with personal correspondence of Macron and close associates. Here are the links. pastebin.com/bUJKFpH1
The Notorious Poso 🇺🇸 @JackPosobiec
Massive doc dump at /pol/ "Correspondence, documents, and photos from Macron and his team" boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/124… #MacronLeaks
nature @naturofree
@DisobedientNews @AngelaDeAngelo Russia is at it again They break France off EU They weaken the alliance & that is what Russia wants Make em vulnerable then take over
▪️ JB▪️ @x__JB_x
@DisobedientNews One wonders why you guys haven't gotten a hold of Trump/Russia collusion info. Oh right.....
William Craddick @williamcraddick
New Leak Reveals Emails, Documents From Macron and Affiliated Staff Members #MacronLeaks disobedientmedia.com/new-leak-revea…
URL Disobedient Media 339 New Leak Reveals Emails, Documents From Macron And Affiliated Staff Members | Disobedient Media A fresh release of emails, documents and photos was dumped onto online messageboard 4chan late this morning, in the latest leak to hit Emmanuel Macron's campaign ahead of France's second round of presidential elections. The release purports to contain con
Gare au Gorille ✝️ @G0rille
@DisobedientNews Not very easy to open and read. Any already opened files?
Disobedient Media @DisobedientNews
@G0rille We didn't have time to organize the documents individually. Online communities are sifting through it as we speak. It's a lot.
Patriotic American @520Patriot
So stoked over the #MacronLeaks. His chances of becoming a corrupt President are ruined
▪️ JB▪️ @x__JB_x
@Liberty97034 @DisobedientNews I know! Never was any from the very start. This is all fabricated bullshit. I wish it would go away but it will never.
🇫🇷RONIN🇫🇷 @sunyakuza
@DisobedientNews Why did you wait the LAST MOMENT to diffuse those documents ??? Come on, you know that It's no use !!!
Carl Kenner 🇦🇺 @CarlKenner
French speakers, we need your help digging through the #MacronLeaks. We don't have much time. @OliMauritania
Oli @Saknet89
@DisobedientNews @G0rille Any expectations on the timing? The point is, even after the election, despite the fact that Macron will have "immunité présidentielle"
WikiLeaks @wikileaks
Alleged multi-GB team Macron email archives. Could be a 4chan practical joke. We are examining archive.is/eQtrm
Red Pill⏳ @RedPillDropper
#MacronLeaks #Macron is a #Cuck he was 15 when he started banging his 39 yr old wife. Don't come near him or his wife's son ever again! pic.twitter.com/YIqRId0OpP
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Tango Down 🇫🇷 @TangoDown732
@OliveB5189 @DisobedientNews @G0rille Not 100% certain but don't think immunity would apply if he indeed hid funds offshore, and lied on his assets declaration and whatever else
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