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Reaksi Bayi Ini Saat Pertama Kali Mendengar Setelah Dipasang Alat Bantu Dengar Sungguh Mengharukan

Reaksinya sungguh membuat terharu
URL Mail Online 7-week-old baby hears for the first time & shares his first smile An Australian video has gone viral worldwide, capturing the special moment seven-week-old baby Lachlan hears for the first time and rewards his delighted parents with his very first smile. 2382
Amol Rajan @amolrajan

A deaf baby hears for the first time. Thousands of hours of patient experimentation went into this. Science is glory

29/04/2017 15:19:40 WIB
Clare Sealy @ClareSealy

@amolrajanBBC @stefguene I remember my baby turning his head to me in surprise when I said his name when he first had his hearing aids fitted aged 4 months

29/04/2017 17:13:45 WIB
Who's Gonna Be Lucky Indicted #2? - Brian Cates @drawandstrike

@amolrajanBBC I've seen this before and every time I cry. Hearing his Mommy's voice for the first time! 😫

29/04/2017 18:52:14 WIB
Perran Moon @Perran4GandH

@amolrajanBBC @Dannythefink The greatest clip ever published!!!This is what twitter is really for.

29/04/2017 15:43:28 WIB
Chas Hodges @ChasnHodges

@amolrajanBBC @DarrenJuniper Most fantastic thing I've ever seen in my life. Deaf baby hears for the first time.

29/04/2017 22:28:59 WIB


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