Jangan Langsung Percaya dg Foto2 Orang Minum Kopi Gratis Starbucks Sampai Satu Ember, karena Katanya..

Jadi ceritanya di Starbukcs Shanghai orang2 bisa dapat kopi gratis kl bawa kontainer sendiri.
awesomes drink container Starbucks free hoax own shanghai
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kassy cho @kassy
For Earth Day, Starbucks in Shanghai gave out free drinks if you brought your own container and... wow pic.twitter.com/V6bBiUMYod
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Mutia • Still Alive @LEMONedPearl
@kassyapple I hope they have a rule that they had to drink those free drinks on spot and do not allow them to bring the free drinks home
victuuri催婚大队 @Annaanonly
@LEMONedPearl @kassyapple Actually Starbuck ONLY give one large cup of free coffee, whatever container you bring. That man in last pic paid 375 CNY for his drink.
Ristro @ristro24
@kassyapple @gabbyness ...and many heart palpitations were had that day.
victuuri催婚大队 @Annaanonly
@kassyapple I have reported this tweet. That's NOT true!!!!
victuuri催婚大队 @Annaanonly
@kassyapple These pics are took for another campaign. Starbuck offer s a ¥3 off if you bring own cup. The man in the last pic paid ¥327 for his drink
Fragrant Supper Club @fragrantsupper
@kassyapple @flashboy Hmm not sure taking 20 times as much of a product as you could possibly consume is quite the point of #EarthDay !
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