Hiburan #JumatBerkah, Kehebohan Kecil yang Jenaka di Balik Sebuah Iklan Beha

Iklan beha yang memancing komentar jenaka.
jenaka beha iklan
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Shop Mulu @ShopMulu 15/04/2017 15:20:57 WIB
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Kate @Kate717171 16/04/2017 04:13:25 WIB
@ShopMulu @CutPics What if you're a 36 DDD ? Asking for a friend .
Tanzynia @Tanzynia 19/04/2017 22:32:23 WIB
@ShopMulu @TheDIYcrafts That's hilarious !!!!!!!!!!! 😂 🤣🤣🤣
allison 🌻 @allievestring 19/04/2017 06:11:09 WIB
@mork_v @Teaching_Claire @lynn_dayhoff They're adhesive. They stick to your skin. You can find them at almost any department store.
luv. @mateooroscoo 20/04/2017 00:34:24 WIB
@ShopMulu @BestComedyVine Stop fuckin up the natural human body just so your tits look good

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