~~> Kedatangan Wapres AS Mike Pence Ke Indonesia <~~

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Vice President Mike Pence @VP 19/04/2017 23:51:15 WIB
Wheels down in Jakarta, Indonesia. Looking forward to building on our strategic partnership during our visit. #VPinASIA pic.twitter.com/XRUpgfvyIv
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IndonesianEmbassy DC @KBRIWashDC 08/04/2017 18:12:24 WIB
.@VP Pence will travel to Jakarta, Indonesia on April 20 to meet with President @jokowi and Vice President @Pak_JK #USVPVisitsIndonesia twitter.com/portal_kemlu_r…
Don Fraser @donscot23 08/04/2017 18:32:51 WIB
Pence will have opportunity to see an honest,hard working,caring man-of-the-people president ,pak Jokowi in action, exact opposite of Trump. twitter.com/KBRIWashDC/sta…
TRUMP News 24/7 @MichaelDelauzon 20/04/2017 01:00:14 WIB
After 7½ hour flight from Japan, @VP and Mrs Pence arrive in Jakarta, Indonesia, 3rd stop on their Asia-Pacific tour. pic.twitter.com/bB7xV0iEeR
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Andreas Harsono @andreasharsono 20/04/2017 06:07:31 WIB
Mike Pence is in Jakarta to meet Jokowi and religious leaders before visiting the Istiqlal mosque nytimes.com/2017/04/19/bri…
U.S. Embassy Jakarta @usembassyjkt 20/04/2017 07:00:55 WIB
Selamat datang di Jakarta @VP Pence! Mari kita pererat kemitraan strategis AS-RI dalam kunjungan kali ini. #VPinASIA twitter.com/vp/status/8547…
Victor Kamang @victorkamang 20/04/2017 08:14:46 WIB
Pence dan Pa Jokowi akan berduet menyanyikan lagu "Demi Kau dan Si Buah Hati" dan "Kucari Jalan Terbaik".
Saifulbahri Ismail @saifulCNA 20/04/2017 10:08:24 WIB
US Vice-President Mike Pence meets Indonesian President Joko Widodo at the State Palace in Jakarta pic.twitter.com/5VrFAnhDtx
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Mega Simarmata @MegaSimarmata 20/04/2017 10:11:24 WIB
@VP atau Wakil Presiden Amerika Serikat Mike Pence saat ini sedang melakukan pertemuan dengan Presiden Jokowi di Istana Negara
Mega Simarmata @MegaSimarmata 20/04/2017 10:12:16 WIB
Seusai bertemu Presiden Jokowi, @VP Mike Pence juga akan bertemu Wapres Jusuf Kalla. Selanjutnya mengunjungi Mesjid Istiqlal Jakarta.
Olivia Rondonuwu @OliveRondonuwu 20/04/2017 10:18:12 WIB
Humid day welcomes US VP Pence in Jakarta. Here's him meeting Indonesian president #Jokowi at the palace this morning. pic.twitter.com/EEEy5vMtxu
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Vice President Mike Pence @VP 20/04/2017 10:27:14 WIB
Honored to visit with President @jokowi to share @POTUS Trump warm greetings & reaffirm our strategic partnership with Indonesia. #VPinASIA pic.twitter.com/TMAzL6rU5n
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Helen Demes @D3Demes 20/04/2017 10:31:03 WIB
@VP @jokowi @POTUS Sorry can't respect someone who is clearly in bed with Russia and cares more about party over the American people.
Steve Berry🇺🇸 @stevejberry 20/04/2017 10:32:57 WIB
@VP @jokowi @POTUS The United States and Indonesia have so much to share.

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