Rape culture in the Wikileaks cult

Wikileaks cult members mostly casual attitude to rape culture.
Wikileaks GENDER equality women culture hating rape
esther addley @estheraddley
V interesting #assange change of tack, sounds like. Concedes sex was 'disrepectful, disturbing' but they say not rape
Alexi Mostrous @AlexiMostrous
Emmerson: "If a woman chooses to spend a night with a man there's an inevitable consequence she might come into contact with an erection".
Nadim Kobeissi @kaepora
WikiLeaks has videos of U.S. soldiers slaughtering scores of innocents? Zero justice. Assange's condom breaks loose? So does hell itself.
@kaepora u don't fix deplorable behavior with more deplorable behavior. Want real change rise above not sink below. #Wikileaks
˗ˏˋ Griffin ˎˊ˗ @abditum
It drives me absolutely insane that Swedish politicians who stand on a platform of Gender Equality also support the "Man Tax" #wljul
Jacob Appelbaum @ioerror
@x7o Misogyny is a problem everywhere and we should not tolerate it anywhere.
I don't mind stating that I am also uncomfortable with the level of misogyny that seems to pass as wl support.
˗ˏˋ Griffin ˎˊ˗ @abditum
@Jezabeldiablo Based on what the Swedes are saying, bondage already *is* illegal from a practical standpoint. #wijul
˗ˏˋ Griffin ˎˊ˗ @abditum
"Apparently Swedish laws are unique. If you have a penis you’re half a rapist before you even get through customs." ~Scott Adams #wljul


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