Beda Airline Beda Nasib? Pria Ini Malah Di-Upgrade ke Kelas Bisnis Emirates Saat Overbooked

Story Ingat, ini Juga Bisa Terjadi Pada Kita: Pria ini Diseret Keluar United Airlines karena P.. Seorang penumpang diseret keluar dari pesawat United Airlines hingga berdarah. Bagaimana ceritanya? 6084 pv 16 43
Tapi ada yang bernasib lain..
Syed Shahram Ahmed @SyedShahram

#NewUnitedAirlinesMottos while passengers being kicked out of @united - someone got an upgrade on @emirates - verification pending!

12/04/2017 00:07:10 WIB
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fuckersbelike ## 😂 (u/randomasianguy)

addie.rayee The guy behind him in the chair is just like oh heck no

luis_oropeza00 @mrsshazjonas dubai have better instalation that united states lol 😂 amd is a first world, unitated states have more influence and army but is not good in public and private services 😂😂

thecoyote @christina.ahle the guy next to him is like 'look at this upgrade trash takin pictures lookin all excited. Pfffff'

ethansparrow_ The person in the back looks so mad at him lol

catswithjams The white guy in the back tho lol

13radbowman @jamezzz610 the dude on the other side looks so disgusted

meghshah17 White guy getting maaaad.... 😜


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