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.@Shoq Rants About Being Bullied By Women Out to Destroy His Twitter Reputation [updated 11x]

***WELP. This story has made it on to Buzzfeed. See Updates 7 -11 below. *** ***More tweets from Edelstein and John Cole have been added. If you've been following this nonsense, scroll to the bottoRead More***WELP. This story has made it on to Buzzfeed. See Updates 7 -11 below. *** ***More tweets from Edelstein and John Cole have been added. If you've been following this nonsense, scroll to the bottom of the chirpstory*** Over the weekend, Shoq spent countless hours ranting about me, @HeatherEChase, @vdaze, @miltshook, @johngcole, @iboudreau, @allanbrauer, and anyone who tried to disabuse him of the notion that there is a conspiracy among what he calls “hundreds” of attackers who are attempting to “destroy” him. He repeatedly refers to the above-mentioned people as his “enemies.” Shoq maligns as “stupid” or “a dupe” anyone who does not subscribe to his version of events -- that his ex-girlfriend @vdaze, who spoke out about the emotional and verbal abuse that she suffered at his hands (he has repeatedly called her “cunt” both in writing and in a screaming voicemail), is involved in a conspiracy with “feminists” (me, Heather, and my “associates” (i.e., anyone who believes that calling women “cunts” is misogynist or that slut-shaming former sex workers as “lying ex-call girls” is misogynist) to destroy his Twitter reputation. Shoq believes that I tried to “ratfuck” him and destroy his Twitter reputation after he associated himself with a man known as Randy Hahn whom many progressive people on Twitter believed to be a liberal until it was revealed that he was anything but. How did I ratfuck Shoq? He claims that I sold to “Randy” emails and a copy of a phone call recording that Shoq illicitly made of a conversation he had with “Randy” in May 2012. Notably, “Randy” is a known stalker (one who, by the way, has threatened to kill Shoq, has harassed @Karoli and her family, and who is now harassing and threatening to kill various people, including former Breitbart blogger and conservative Lee @Stranahan and Heather Chase). He truly believes that I somehow worked with Randy to destroy Shoq in exchange for $300,000. That’s right I sold e-mails to a stalker for 300 grand. He also believes that I am heading up a conspiracy and that somehow his emotional and verbal abuse of @vdaze is involved. He seems to believe that I (or perhaps Heather, it is unclear) used @vdaze as a pawn to destroy Shoq’s reputation. I’m still not clear as to how he thinks his months long emotional abuse of @vdaze relates to his ongoing troubles with Randy Hahn/Jason Wade Taylor, but he is convinced that there is a grand conspiracy afoot and that the only way to expose this conspiracy is to continue writing thousand-word blog posts that constitute little more than fantastic theories and lies about the myriad women who are out to destroy him; to compile a wiki of his enemies (most of them are women); and to browbeat anyone on Twitter (both publicly and privately) who refuses to accept his cockamamie version of the facts. This is insanity. It is harassment. It’s misogyny. And it has to stop. If you have any interest in the overall background of this story, Milt Shook has written two posts that explain it quite well: http://pleasecutthecrap.typepad.com/milt_shook/2012/09/the-burn-notice-burn-notice-stop-the-madness-matts.html http://pleasecutthecrap.typepad.com/milt_shook/2012/11/matt-edelstein-needs-to-end-this-crap.html And Heather Chase wrote a blog post that explains her role in the ongoing saga: http://angryblackladychronicles.com/heather-chases-response-to-matt-osborne-osborneink-and-matt-edelstein-shoq-regarding-the-recording-controversy/ If you want to get into the weeds of this story, what follows is a relatively comprehensive list of resources: Here is my June 2012 statement about the Stop Rush controversy and the recording: http://angryblackladychronicles.com/statement-for-imani-gandy-in-response-to-the-shoq-stoprush-controversy/ Here is a post that appeared about me on a conservative blog (and which was the impetus for me posting the June 2012 statement, as it accused me of various crimes related to Shoq’s recording of the phone call): http://thetrenches.us/2012/06/the-ladies-of-stop-rush-the-lefts-effort-to-silence-conservatives/ Here are the posts that Matt Osborne wrote in an attempt to help rehabilitate Shoq’s Twitter reputation. Osborne claims to be acting as an “investigative journalist” but as any reader can see, he has simply transcribed Shoq’s version of the story without bothering to contact any of the other parties about whom he writes for information or, as is the case when I refuse to respond to his prying emails, without noting in his “journalistic efforts” that the information about which he writes comes exclusively from Shoq because other parties refused comment: http://www.osborneink.com/2012/09/the-shoq-twitter-brigade-burn-notice.html http://www.osborneink.com/2012/10/asking-questions-like-a-journalist-does.html Here is Osborne’s post which claims that I tried to extort 300K in exchange for destroying Shoq’s Twitter reputation: http://www.osborneink.com/2012/10/how-teamuterati-founders-fell-for-a-right-wing-con-artist.html Here is Osborne’s post mocking me for lodging a complaint about his online harassment with the FBI and the police: http://www.osborneink.com/2012/09/will-the-fbi-now-investigate-shoq-and-osborneinks-harassment-of-angryblacklady.html Here is Osborne’s post claiming that I “played the race card” when I was fearful of a tweet he sent to me with a video for a song called “The Noose” (note, it was this incident that caused me to file a complaint with the police and FBI and rendered me unwilling to respond to emails he sent to me demanding information about Heather and @vdaze): http://www.osborneink.com/2012/10/thunderdome-and-chainsaws.html Here is a post that Melissa Brewer aka @catsrimportant wrote on Matt Osborne’s blog that details abuse she suffered at the hands of “Randy Hahn” and others, but which inexplicably blames me for what happened to her despite the fact that I don’t know her and have never communicated with her outside of a few tweets on Twitter wherein I ask that she cease her baseless accusations against me: http://www.osborneink.com/2012/11/a-cautionary-tale-of-infiltration-betrayal-and-the-activist-community.html Here is a topsy search (Topsy.com is a Twitter archive service) that demonstrates that I have never insulted, harassed, slut-shamed, or mocked Melissa Brewer aka catsrimportant: http://topsy.com/s?q=catsrimportant+angryblacklady And finally, here is the wiki that Shoq has compiled which lists his myriad enemies, most of whom are women: http://shoqvalueexposed.pbworks.com/w/page/59239127/FrontPage *****Separately (and entirely unrelated to anything having to do with “Randy Hahn”/Jason Wade Taylor)***** Here is @vdaze’s post about Shoq’s emotional abuse: http://www.virtualdaze.com/2012/08/29/intimidate-this-bitch/ Here is the screaming voicemail Shoq left for @vdaze on her phone in which he calls her a cunt and blames her for making him do it: http://www.virtualdaze.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Voicemail.mp4 Here is a link to an image of Shoq calling @vdaze “cunt” in private Twitter messages: twitpic.com/bgfdma Here is @vdaze’s post expressing dismay at Shoq’s attempts to manipulate her into calling him by claiming that her actions and refusal to contact him were endangering his mother’s life: http://www.virtualdaze.com/2012/09/11/down-the-rabbit-hole/ Here is Shoq’s post excusing his lie about his dying mother as a “covert op” or “ruse” to determine who was “spying” on him: http://shoqvalue.com/about-a-ruse Here is the email exchange between Shoq and a former friend in which he explains that he had concocted the “yarn” about his mother being ill because of @vdaze’s refusal to contact him: bit.ly/OwKTao Here is a post that @JennyJinx wrote in an effort to elucidate the fact that liberal and progressive men also abuse women (it’s not just conservatives who do it) and it is not ok: http://fabulouslyjinxed.com/2012/09/02/when-progressive-men-abuse-women/ Here is a chirpstory in which @vdaze explains that she is speaking out about abuse and not seeking revenge: http://chirpstory.com/li/23818 Here is a chirpstory in which Shoq threatens to contact @vdaze’s employer: http://chirpstory.com/li/32680 Here is a chirpstory in which Shoq attacks women whom he has intimidated and demands that they provide evidence to him on his blog in exchange for payment: http://chirpstory.com/li/25587 Here is a chirpstory in which Shoq attacks @iboudreau for pointing out the lunacy of Shoq’s conspiracy theory: http://chirpstory.com/li/24072 Here is Shoq’s blog post wherein he demands that women provide him evidence of his bullying which he will evaluate in exchange for payment: http://shoqvalue.com/evidence-against-shoq#ixzz27vnc2jSC Here is a chirpstory in which Shoq maligns Heather and me while simultaneously claiming credit for my anti-choice legislation project (“TeamUterati”): http://chirpstory.com/li/24970 Here is the post that Shoq wrote in December 2011 accusing @GottaLaff of heading up a conspiracy and whisper campaign to destroy Shoq’s Twitter reputation: http://shoqvalue.com/sometimes-you-gottalaff-until-you-cant-anymore Here is the post Shoq wrote wherein he compiles the myriad posts that his surrogates/friends have written on his behalf and attempts to demonstrate that this is a conspiracy being led by me and other women: http://shoqvalue.com/Dear-Twitter-facts-matter Here is a post Shoq wrote wherein he accuses Milt Shook of I don’t even know what: http://shoqvalue.com/about-milt-superman-shook Look -- this is not a partisan issue. This is not about politics. This is about unstable people using the internet to harass, stalk, and intimidate women and those who dare speak up on behalf of them. This is about men on both the right and left who are playing a dangerous game and endangering the lives of people in the process. Multiple women have contacted the police about this ongoing harassment, but as you likely know, cyberharassment and cyberbullying is a relatively new phenomenon, and the laws that protect victims from such are lax. Accordingly, the only way that I know how to push back against this harassment is to shine a light on it. So consider this post to be a flashlight. Shoq? You need to stop this, and you need to stop this immediately. Thank you. UPDATE: Randy Hahn/Jason Wade Taylor (hereafter "Randy") recorded various conversations he had with Heather back in May and June 2012, and he played some of them on Saturday night, November 24. (When it comes to recording conversations, Texas is a one-party consent state; Florida is a two-party consent state -- as such, Randy was within the bounds of the law when he made the recordings, unlike Shoq.) At the time she was communicating by phone with Randy, Heather believed him to be on the up-and-up. These recordings are the "tapes" to which Shoq refers. Notably, Shoq has complained about Randy's many threats to his life, as well as about the phone calls Randy has purportedly made to Shoq's mother. As such, it is positively baffling that he would gleefully link to these recordings on Twitter and encourage his Twitter followers to listen to Randy's radio show. I am informed that Shoq has now made amends with Randy -- I can only assume it is because their shared desire to harass Heather outweighs their desire to harass one another. UPDATE 2: @HeatherEChase has reactivated her account and his telling her story on her Twitter feed. Matt Osborne has written yet another blog post today (11/26) mocking Heather as she works with the police to secure her personal safety. http://www.osborneink.com/2012/11/everyone-is-abusing-heather-chase-now-except-lee-stranahan.html UPDATE 3: Shoq has written yet another grudge blog post, this time claiming that Heather is lying about threatening phone calls she received from "Randy." To what end? CONSPIRACY. http://shoqvalue.com/what-just-happened-and-why-i-am-being-attacked-again-on-twitter Let's assume for a moment that for whatever reason, Heather spliced together recordings of Randy's voice to create the threatening phone call. Even if that were true, a sane person would allow the law enforcement process to run its course. If the phone call recording is fake, the police with whom Heather is working will know such soon enough. They have forensic analysts and such who handle this sort of thing all the time. The sensible thing for Shoq to do is to stop tweeting about it. (He won't.) Shoq is also now attacking John Cole, proprietor of Balloon Juice, calling him a drunk and expressing outrage that Cole is sticking up for his friends (Heather and me -- the three of us attended the DNC together.) Shoq exhibited the same behavior when @iboudreau spoke out, when @MiltShook spoke out, and when @dvnix spoke out. It's a pattern. By the way, here's the chirpstory of Shoq attacking @dvnix (and outing his name and the name of his employer on Twitter): http://chirpstory.com/li/25170 As you can see, Shoq is convinced that I am using California as my home base to plot this conspiracy against him. Shoq also continues to claim that Heather and I lied about asking Randy for money. We never lied about this. As Shoq did -- indeed, *because* Shoq did -- we believed that Randy was a legitimate left-leaning funder. He turned out not to be. When he turned out not to be, she and I walked away. Shoq, on the other hand, did not. Why Shoq continues to attempt to make hay about this fact is baffling, especially when he introduced Randy to us, and to the StopRush crew, and indeed was the impetus for several members of the StopRush crew sending their personal information to Randy in the hopes of a paying job. Again, Heather explains it all in her post: http://angryblackladychronicles.com/heather-chases-response-to-matt-osborne-osborneink-and-matt-edelstein-shoq-regarding-the-recording-controversy/ UPDATE 4: I've added tweets re: Heather's explanation of what's happened to her as well as Shoq's rant against John Cole and John Cole's "bullying" of Shoq. Shoq, apparently, is still going with the "Heather faked the tape"/"those bitches are lying" narrative. Let's see how that works out for him. Also, he seems to think that the New York Times or Salon's Alex Pareene is dying to interview him about his psychodrama. Yeah. Okay. UPDATE 5: Matt Osborne has published another grudge blog post (11/27) which includes an internal (and, indeed exculpatory) email drafted by me. It is unclear what Osborne and Shoq thinks this email proves. As the email intimates, some folks made a decision without consulting me about rejecting an opportunity for funding from Randy (who, again, Shoq had introduced as a legitimate leftie funder). I protested. As I've said, when Randy turned out not to be a legitimate leftie funder, we walked away. I'm truly at a loss as to how this email represents a Smoking Gun: http://www.osborneink.com/2012/11/the-smoking-gun-imani-gandy-rejects-your-reality-and-substitutes-her-own.html Then again, I'm at a loss as to how any of the behavior of these two men makes a lick of sense. Again, Heather explains it all in her post: http://angryblackladychronicles.com/heather-chases-response-to-matt-osborne-osborneink-and-matt-edelstein-shoq-regarding-the-recording-controversy/ If you want to hear Shoq's version of the story from the horse's mouth, as it were, I urge you to listen to his appearance on Randy's Blogtalk Radio Show last night. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/farrightofright/2012/11/27/heather-e-chase-enough-lies-the-end-is-the-end UPDATE 6: Seems Shoq has taken a break for dinner. His threats and bizarre behavior continue. His allegations that I lied to everyone continue. He seems to believe that the email discussed in Update 5 is a "smoking gun" of some sort. I guess we will have to wait for the upcoming summary he swears he will provide and which will be immortalized on the Internet for all eternity. Like Osborne/Shoq's last 6 posts on this subject, if you don't understand what's going on, man, you are being duped and probably watch Fox News. Additionally, he now seems to be victim-blaming. Apparently, Heather broke Randy's heart and Shoq can understand why Randy is reacting the way he is -- by posting photos of her family on Twitter and making threatening phone calls. Randy is misunderstood, you see. He just wants to be loved. Never mind that he and his friends have also been harassed and threatened by Randy. I suppose when your attacker now attacks someone who you hate with a passion (Heather) the attacker's behavior suddenly isn't "that bad." After all, Heather's a two-bit whore. UPDATE 7: This saga has made it to the frontpage of Buzzfeed. @nycsouthpaw provides a relatively accurate summary (I had no knowledge that this would appear on Buzzfeed, nor did I speak to @nycsouthpaw in advance): http://www.buzzfeed.com/nycsouthpaw/a-meltdown-in-the-progressive-twittersphere A couple things are inaccurate. I am friends with @vdaze. Additionally, the statement that Randy Hahn obtained recordings without Edelstein's consent is somewhat inaccurate. Edelstein recorded a phone call between himself and Randy without Randy's consent. In Florida, that is a violation of the wiretapping statute. He then, inexplicably, circulated that phone call to a group of people on the StopRush crew. Separately he circulated to me. And separately from that, he circulated it to Heather. As Heather explains in her post, when we were negotiating with Randy (whom, again, we believed to be a legitimate liberal funder because Edelstein/Shoq introduced him to us as such), Heather became concerned that she had knowledge of a potential crime, the target of which was Randy from whom we were attempting to raise funds. This is simply an 8 month long effort by Edelstein to distract from his own mistake in recording and circulating that phone call. (Indeed, Edelstein claims he made mistakes, but that his mistake was in introducing me to Randy before he had vetted him. Notably he does not list "recording and circulating an illicitly recorded phone call" as one of his mistakes.) When it became clear to Heather and me that Randy was not who he said he was, Heather and I walked away from him. (You can see that we made this decision in the email which Osborne and Edelstein are touting as a smoking gun: http://www.osborneink.com/2012/11/the-smoking-gun-imani-gandy-rejects-your-reality-and-substitutes-her-own.html.) All of the recordings of Heather that Randy has played on his blogtalk radio show are from the period of time during which Heather and I believed Randy to be a credible source for funding, again because Edelstein had introduced Randy to us as such. It is strange indeed that Shoq continues to attempt to portray me as greedy. "Follow the money" he says ominously. I fundraised for a literacy nonprofit for a year before beginning my TeamU project (a fact which Shoq either doesn't remember or outright ignores in his quest to paint me as a bad actor.) I did nothing that any fundraiser for a nonprofit wouldn't have done. I spoke to Randy once on the phone. I then helped Heather create a strategy plan and budget documents that she could take to a meeting with Randy. This is perfectly normal fundraising strategy. It is simply unfortunate that the party with whom I was dealing (Randy) turned out not to be a liberal who supports women's rights, but rather a rightwing anti-choicer who ended up stalking/harassing not just Heather, but Karoli, Melissa Brewer, Lee Stranahan and Edelstein/Shoq. For some reason, however, now that Heather seems to be the Randy's primary target, Edelstein no longer views Randy as a threat because, I believe, his irrational (and palpable) hatred of Heather trumps all. Odd behavior from someone who spent the last 6 months trying to prove that Randy is a fraud. I am still unclear as to what I am accused of lying about or what conspiracy I am accused of heading up. Again, Heather explains this all in her post: http://angryblackladychronicles.com/heather-chases-response-to-matt-osborne-osborneink-and-matt-edelstein-shoq-regarding-the-recording-controversy/ Shoq appeared on Randy's Blogtalk Radio Show the other night with Lee Stranahan. Lee Stranahan's clips are here: http://leestranahan.com/shoq-randy-hahn-its-not-about-politics-its-about-love/ Shoq has accused Strahanan of selective editing, Stranahan has denied such: http://leestranahan.com/did-i-manipulate-shoq-you-decide/ The full recording of Shoq's appearance on Randy's show is here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/farrightofright/2012/11/27/heather-e-chase-enough-lies-the-end-is-the-end My personal view of this matter is that Randy is not unlike the Joker in The Dark Knight. He seems to relish chaos. He has caused chaos both on the right and the left. It is very strange, indeed. UPDATE 8: I neglected to include Edelstein's bizarre explanation of why he believes that the phone call recording was legal. It isn't. I never believed Randy would press charges against Edelstein, but it is strange that Edelstein believes he was within his rights to flout the law simply because he was running some sort of sting operation. Even the FBI needs to get a warrant before wiretapping a suspected bad actor. Here is his post: http://shoqvalue.com/matt-edelstein-never-made-any-Illegal-phone-recordings UPDATE 9: Shoq continues to blather on, accusing me of lying about God knows what. He has PROOF!! that I approached Randy for funds. Yes, we did. As did he. Whether or not we approached Randy for money was never the issue because we never denied doing so. The issue is that Shoq seems to think that a bunch of "mean girls" set him up to destroy his Twitter reputation, and that Heather (because she's a "lying ex-call girl") made Randy fall in love with her so that... something. I don't understand what he's claiming anymore. The misogyny and sexism underlying his narrative is truly breathtaking. He is now demanding that John Cole retract statements made about Shoq's harassing behavior because Shoq seems to think that he has caught us in a lie. He hasn't. UPDATE 10: Matt Osborne has published yet another blog post (11/28) containing even more nonsense. I guess the SMOKING GUN!!11 (discussed in Update 5) wasn't the smoking gun they were looking for and so they dig deeper. Amusingly, several of Osborne's commenters pointed out to him that the SMOKING GUN!!1 actually clears Heather and me of wrongdoing, but they're too far gone to realize it. I'm not sure what their story is anymore. It changes and morphs with each passing day. More tapes and emails will be released as these two obsessive freaks go further and further down the rabbit hole. I doubt anyone is still paying attention to this, but... ::shrug:: One of them or their surrogates is now running a parody account of me [@angrydrunklady] which consists of calling Heather a prostitute and a whore, calling me a drunk, and mocking women. Unsurprising coming from a group doing nothing but slut-shaming, victim-blaming, and engaging in truly stalkerish and crazy behavior. Here's the post: http://www.osborneink.com/2012/11/the-streisand-effect-synopsis-of-a-twitter-drama.html UPDATE 11: Shoq has written yet another blog post, claiming that I am in charge of a brigade of feminist bullies who are attacking some of his staunch defenders who happen to be women: http://shoqvalue.com/nothing-says-fight-the-abuse-of-women-like-abusing-women-who-disagree-with-you He links to this chirpstory by Melissa Brewer aka catsrimportant who, as I explained above, inexplicably blames me for harassment she suffered at the hands of Randy: http://chirpstory.com/li/35940 In her chirpstory, Melissa takes tweets that mention no one by name, compiles them, and claims that I organized the tweeters to "bully" the target at whom Melissa claims these tweets were directed. Notably, my name appears nowhere in these tweets; I do not follow many of the tweeters responsible; and I have blocked all the targets at whom I'm supposedly directing this campaign of bullying. The tweets she compiled could quite literally be about *anyone*. Bizarre behavior. I am not responsible for anyone's tweets but my own.
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