.@Shoq Rants About Being Bullied By Women Out to Destroy His Twitter Reputation [updated 11x]

***WELP. This story has made it on to Buzzfeed. See Updates 7 -11 below. *** ***More tweets from Edelstein and John Cole have been added. If you've been following this nonsense, scroll to the bottom of the chirpstory*** Over the weekend, Shoq spent countless hours ranting about me, @HeatherEChase, @vdaze, @miltshook, @johngcole, @iboudreau, @allanbrauerRead More
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Make America Functional Again @Shoq
Funny, someone tells about 6 versions of a story, then suspends her account & vanishes after dropping the biggest one yet.
Make America Functional Again @Shoq
The smart thing would be admit it. Instead, they keep issuing new versions, and people are finally getting that.
Make America Functional Again @Shoq
Now you would think with over 100 regular attackers, they'd be CHOCK FULL of evidence, right? So why aren't they? Think about it.
Make America Functional Again @Shoq
.@Chancetolman What do you call 150 people who do this every single day? Beer buddies?
Make America Functional Again @Shoq
.@Chancetolman Go ahead. Tell the class, if these people, some in their 3rd year of this are not enemies, what are they? Hmm?
Make America Functional Again @Shoq
This is shaping up to be a most interesting evening. Seems it's about to get even more interesting. Get out the #popcorn
Make America Functional Again @Shoq
Poor @MiltShook. He backed the wrong horse, and now he's panicked. His smear of me will live in on long after he's been proven a dope.
Make America Functional Again @Shoq
But look at the ferocity of their attacks? Why so upset? Is something NEW happening? Hmmm. One can only wonder.
Make America Functional Again @Shoq
.@HopefulHumanist Have you ever searched for my name? Why don't you try that. Then speak to them. I'm eating :)
Make America Functional Again @Shoq
.@HopefulHumanist Yes, extremely complex narratives are always "that simple" for anyone not engaged in them. Be thankful for that :)
Make America Functional Again @Shoq
@HopefulHumanist How many times do you suppose I've heard some genius tell me "if u ignore (what I usually ignore) it will all go away?
Make America Functional Again @Shoq
@HopefulHumanist Are you really that unsophisticated? Do you think I am? I could write a book on how you ignore trolls. This isn't that.
Make America Functional Again @Shoq
@HopefulHumanist Your worldly social media advice was duly noted. Have a lovely social media day.
Make America Functional Again @Shoq
@HopefulHumanist Dude.. please..I am not the one driving this. For your own future self esteem, I am terminating this discussion
Make America Functional Again @Shoq
Wondering what fired up all this drama for another round tonight? I just found out myself. This -> http://t.co/P9qTtNdR
Make America Functional Again @Shoq
I have not heard these tapes. I do know whether they even exist. But if they do, it explains these renewed attacks on me tonight.
Make America Functional Again @Shoq
I don't need tapes of Heather to prove her/their story is, and always was a ginned-up smear. But they would sure make it easier.
Make America Functional Again @Shoq
Poor @MiltShook went to press with his latest effort to help them blow smoke. He must be anxious to listen too :)
Make America Functional Again @Shoq
If these tapes are Heather and what they say proves what we've said from the start, @MiltShook will have some 'splainin to do :)
Make America Functional Again @Shoq
Not that his silly hit jobs aren't easy to debunk. I did it once, it won't be hard again. He should be ashamed.
Make America Functional Again @Shoq
.@MiltShook You have been helping Heather and Imani in this affair since July. Stop lying and trying to con people. You have no facts.
Make America Functional Again @Shoq
.@MiltShook If these tapes are real, and they debunk their story in Heather's own voice, I will make a throw rug out of your ass.
Make America Functional Again @Shoq
.@MiltShook You were fooled. And I think you already know it. Probably because you were wrapped up with them earlier than we knew.
Make America Functional Again @Shoq
.@MiltShook So just start thinking of how you will spin it, because if these "tapes" don't expose her lies, other evidence will. Bail
Make America Functional Again @Shoq
So what kind of idiot blogger risks his reputation defending a smear campaign by people he doesn't even know didn't do it?
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Definitely Not Imani Gandy🔥 @AngryBlackLady 28/11/2012 07:14:32 WIB
Updated for the fifth time now. Because #Shoq is obsessed and is never going to stop blathering about this.
Definitely Not Imani Gandy🔥 @AngryBlackLady 28/11/2012 23:30:21 WIB
Updated for the 7th time, now that @nycsouthpaw at Buzzfeed has written about this saga. #shoq
catsrimportant @catsrimportant 29/11/2012 03:34:07 WIB
Imani, you owned a Political Action Committee and LEAKED EMAILS from another political cause you were involved in. Nevermind Shoq. Take responsibility. I'm going to tweet this fact until you and Heather apologize.
catsrimportant @catsrimportant 29/11/2012 03:35:35 WIB
A feminist who just wants to run around name-call and not do anything but smear people. An apology is impossible for you. It's all about SHOQ! No, it's not. Your actions are your responsibility.
Definitely Not Imani Gandy🔥 @AngryBlackLady 29/11/2012 03:38:34 WIB
Melissa: You are wrong. I find it bizarre that you continue to make these false claims as you have for the past three months, and I have no doubt that you will continue to make them until you tire yourself out.
Definitely Not Imani Gandy🔥 @AngryBlackLady 29/11/2012 03:42:38 WIB
I am sorry that JWT harassed you. I had absolutely *nothing* to do with it, but had you approached me and said "this guy is harassing me, can you help?" I would have tried.
Definitely Not Imani Gandy🔥 @AngryBlackLady 29/11/2012 03:42:57 WIB
At this point, however, you seem invested in concocting false stories about political corruption and "faux feminists" in order to lay blame at my feet. It is inappropriate and I am asking, yet again, that you stop.
catsrimportant @catsrimportant 29/11/2012 03:43:09 WIB
Heather Chase wrote 10+ pages about the decision to leak emails based on your permission. You know this. You owned POWRPAC. Be a real woman.
catsrimportant @catsrimportant 29/11/2012 03:43:44 WIB
Why would Heather Chase write 10 pages explaining that decision if it didn't happen????
catsrimportant @catsrimportant 29/11/2012 03:44:07 WIB
You're the one running around and making Chirpstories to explain why everything is Shoq's fault.
catsrimportant @catsrimportant 29/11/2012 03:44:25 WIB
Don't you have some lobbying to do or something?
Definitely Not Imani Gandy🔥 @AngryBlackLady 29/11/2012 03:44:41 WIB
Melissa: What Heather wrote is absolutely accurate. The way you have interpreted it, however, is not. That is the basis for my statement that you are making false claims about me. Again, I am asking you to stop. Thank you.
catsrimportant @catsrimportant 29/11/2012 03:46:48 WIB
ZOMG! Here's the document she wrote. It admits that those emails were purposefully leaked. http://tinyurl.com/bw9xx36
Definitely Not Imani Gandy🔥 @AngryBlackLady 29/11/2012 03:50:07 WIB
Yes, Melissa. I am aware of that. That document is linked in full no less than 5 times in this chirpstory. Again, please stop. Thank you.
catsrimportant @catsrimportant 29/11/2012 03:51:44 WIB
I'll stop when you all stop lying and using this as a story for Breitbart to gnash their fangs on. Alternatively, I'll stop when you leave liberal politics for the right w/Stranahan.
catsrimportant @catsrimportant 29/11/2012 03:53:34 WIB
Here's the document, pages 4-9. Heather talks about the emails she leaked. http://tinyurl.com/bw9xx36
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