Are people "cowed, afraid and not united" in London as the Fox News says?

Fox News @FoxNews

.@KTHopkins on UK terror: "People are cowed. People are afraid. And people are not united." #Tucker

23/03/2017 08:46:20 WIB
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Jack Evans @Jack4Evanss

@FoxNews @KTHopkins This gargoyle is talking nonsense. I am in London. No one is cowed, we are not afraid and we stand together.

23/03/2017 08:54:19 WIB
Bread and Circuses @FestusFilbert

@Jack4Evanss @FoxNews @KTHopkins That's what I've heard from my British friends. Americans are the cowed, terrified ones.

23/03/2017 08:59:14 WIB
Jack Evans @Jack4Evanss

@FestusFilbert @FoxNews @KTHopkins Your British friends are right! we are absolutely fine.

23/03/2017 09:01:21 WIB
Larry Nigro Jr @LarryNJr1

@Jack4Evanss @FestusFilbert @FoxNews @KTHopkins absolutely fine after what happened today what does it take to wake you up

23/03/2017 09:08:31 WIB
Ben Howard @johnnybad1986

@LarryNJr1 @Jack4Evanss @FestusFilbert @FoxNews @KTHopkins we been dealing with terror for decades. Irish, Muslim, whatever. We go on.

23/03/2017 16:09:13 WIB
Richard Cosgrove @rcosgrove

.@FoxNews @KTHopkins is either lying or is ignorant of facts. Londoners at the attack helped each other and the rest of us aren't scared.

23/03/2017 16:44:16 WIB
Richard Cosgrove @rcosgrove

.@FoxNews Also, it is people like @KTHopkins who strive to make this country disunited.

23/03/2017 16:51:03 WIB
Kristin Plant 🦥 @misskristinruth

@FoxNews @KTHopkins Actually I think you'll find that people are united.They aren't afraid to walk the streets of London. I certainly am not

23/03/2017 17:20:22 WIB
Katie Hopkins @KTHopkins

@misskristinruth @FoxNews totally missing the point. Carrying on as normal is not a solution.

23/03/2017 17:21:59 WIB
Miguel Delaney @MiguelDelaney

@KTHopkins @misskristinruth well, if you don't want us to "carry on as normal", have you tried not being an opportunistic gobdaw?

23/03/2017 18:43:48 WIB
Little Trumpet @BagaChipzfan

@MiguelDelaney @KTHopkins @misskristinruth I'm with Katie. Ever since Charlie hebdo Ive dreaded my visits across to France

23/03/2017 18:45:29 WIB
Miguel Delaney @MiguelDelaney

@HenryB1992 @misskristinruth lol. I was in France for a total of eight weeks last year. It was great. "Dreaded"!

23/03/2017 18:46:20 WIB
Little Trumpet @BagaChipzfan

@SamPennington31 @MiguelDelaney @misskristinruth to be fair other than the Caucasus, Russia is a lot safer. They would not allow this

23/03/2017 19:04:31 WIB
Prof John D Brewer @Prof_johnbrewer

This is disgraceful nonsense. It's someone saying what they think you at Fox News want to hear. Change your image and your UK commentators…

23/03/2017 19:30:08 WIB
Rob Porter @RobPorter9

@rcosgrove @FoxNews Spot on. I genuinely think @KTHopkins enjoys incidents like yesterday. Plays perfectly into her agenda. The worst.

23/03/2017 19:54:26 WIB
Richard Cosgrove @rcosgrove

.@RobPorter9 Indeed. @KTHopkins and @Nigel_Farage both share Isis' desire for UK population to be divided in hatred for each other. @FoxNews

23/03/2017 21:53:34 WIB
Richard Cosgrove @rcosgrove

.@RobPorter9 Of course, that's my opinion from seeing @KTHopkins and @Nigel_Farage media appearances. Hopefully, I'm wrong.

23/03/2017 21:56:30 WIB


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