Martin McGuinness: Funeral

via The city of Derry has two funerals. One for Ryan McBride, captain of Derry City FC. The other for Martin McGuinness.
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Dr Elaine Byrne @ElaineByrne
The Tricolour on the front pages of the British papers. How about that for a journey long travelled. #MartinMcguinness
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Doug Beattie @BeattieDoug
I find it hard to harmonise the 2 sides of McGuinness. In life he had been a physical enemy & political opponent. In death he was neither.
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Ann Travers @AnnTravers6
She should go. She worked with him and is a political leader, as an IRA victims sister and daughter I understand that. @DUPleader…
Richard Chambers @newschambers
Arlene Foster's speech to the NI Assembly in Stormont was very well measured and magnanimous. SF MLAs say they appreciated it.
Sam McBride @SJAMcBride
A significant republican decision: No gunshots, berets, etc at Martin McGuinness's funeral, despite his IRA past…
Jim Allister @JimAllister
My speech today in Stormont on the death of Martin McGuinness.…
Sam McBride @SJAMcBride
Fr Michael Canny will be chief celebrant & preach at Martin McGuinness's funeral. Bishop Donal McKeown will preside at the Mass.
Irish Unity @IrishUnity
Derry will lay to rest two legends tomorrow. RIP
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Newton Emerson @NewtonEmerson
Adams challenges Irish government to challenge British government over consequences of him bringing down Stormont government. Overreach?…
john kyle @cllrjohnkyle
'Grace' @EamonnMallie: Peter Robinson: Through Martin McGuinness' illness we met, spoke by phone and exchanged texts…
Derry City FC @derrycityfc
A tough day ahead for the city - Ar dheis Dé go raibh a n-anam!
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Danny Kinahan @DdeBK
Absolutely right;Parliament carries on as normal today.Democracy will always defeat terrorism.Must honour PC Palmer & all security team too
Good Morning Ulster @BBCgmu
Lord Empey says @Tobias_Ellwood is a "hero". The MP gave first aid to PC Keith Palmer, one of the casualties of the London terror attack.
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Martin McGuinness' funeral... who will be there?
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James Cleverly MP @JamesCleverly
I'm on a train heading towards Westminster. No one is cowed, afraid or divided. Please stop your stupid attention seeking comments.…
Darren O'Keeffe @darrenjokeeffe
The capital pays its respects. Tricolours flying at half mast at Leinster House & Dublin City Hall this morning for Martin McGuinness. RIP
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Belfast Telegraph @BelTel
Northern Ireland traffic alerts: Derry traffic and travel for Martin McGuinness and Ryan McBride funerals…
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Sapere Aude @thedissenter
This from @DAaronovitch brings all of this weeks events into one brilliantly concise summary. Measured, intelligent and on the button.
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The Nolan Show, BBC @BBCNolan
LISTEN | Historic day as the leader of unionism to attend funeral of former IRA commander #BBCNolan…
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