Northern Ireland: Martin McGuinness dies

Mark Anthony France @MarkFrance62

Breaking News: #TheJourney UK & Ireland Movie Release Date 30th June. Colm Meaney plays Martin McGuinness Timothy Spall's plays Ian Paisley

11/03/2017 21:14:47 WIB
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Steven McCaffery @StevieMcCaffery

Debate on Stormont ignores elephant in room. 20yrs after GFA unionism still blocks Irish identity's Parity of Esteem…

20/03/2017 16:26:13 WIB
Alan Bennett @ABenno15

Ryan McBride, a Man and Defender I respected and admired. Thoughts & prayers with his team mates, family & friends RIP

21/03/2017 01:09:15 WIB
Belfast Telegraph @BelTel

Chuck Berry defied Ulster Workers' Council strike to play to 20 Belfast fans…

21/03/2017 01:33:50 WIB
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Derry Now @DerryNow

Council building lit up in red in memory of Ryan McBride and the Buncrana Pier tragedy victims

21/03/2017 03:09:28 WIB
RTÉ News @rtenews

British soldier fired three times at unarmed man as he ran away, court told

21/03/2017 03:44:15 WIB
Eamonn Mallie @EamonnMallie

Brexit: Three key things to watch as article 50 is triggered via @IrishTimes…

21/03/2017 03:49:29 WIB
Una Kelly @UnaKelly3

#Derry City flag at half mast as guard of honour for Ryan McBride passed by this evening @BBCRadioFoyle

21/03/2017 03:49:54 WIB
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Belfast Telegraph @BelTel

Irish Coast Guard helicopter crash: Rescue 116 'made contact with rocky surfaces'…

21/03/2017 05:29:20 WIB
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ConflictNI @ConflictNI

An ex-soldier has appeared in court in Armagh charged over the killing of a man with learning difficulties in 1974.…

21/03/2017 05:40:37 WIB
RTÉ News @rtenews

News of Derry City footballer Ryan McBride's sudden death has sent shockwaves through the club, city and beyond

21/03/2017 05:41:52 WIB
Conchúr Ó Muadaigh @Conchur91

These are the human faces of an Irish language act! Their lives, their future, their language.11am Stormont this Wed #AchtAnois @dreamdearg

21/03/2017 05:41:57 WIB
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maurice fitzmaurice @mofitzmaurice

Pope Francis asks for forgiveness for church's role in Rwanda genocide…

21/03/2017 05:45:03 WIB
Raymond McCartney @RaymondMcCartn1

Tonight Ryan's family, his friends, his football club, his work mates, the Brandywell, Derry, as one, we brought him where he belongs, home.

21/03/2017 05:58:18 WIB
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ConflictNI @ConflictNI

17 March 1976: St Patrick's Day Bomb: Four civilians were killed by a UVF car bomb at Hillcrest Bar in Dungannon

21/03/2017 06:02:38 WIB
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ConflictNI @ConflictNI

Police check briefcase of a man entering London tube train; 1,000 officers were assigned to subways in wake of IRA bombings 19 March 1976

21/03/2017 06:19:44 WIB
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Colm Dore @ColmDore

When Edwin Poots & Steve Aiken say "we" about the UK economy it's a bit like the "we" fans use about English soccer teams. @ViewFrmStormont

21/03/2017 06:30:59 WIB
Róisé Morgan @roisemorgan

If Edwin Poots and the DUP think that the British Govt will replace all the money the EU contributes to the North they are delusional!!

21/03/2017 06:32:42 WIB
RTÉ News @rtenews

AAIU confirms it believes Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue 116 crashed into Blackrock off the Mayo coast

21/03/2017 06:35:04 WIB
Alicia V. Perry⌛ @aliciavperry

"British PM is being driven entirely by an agenda of trying to manage the right wing tensions of her own party" Well said @DeclanKearneySF 👏

21/03/2017 06:36:19 WIB
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