Internet Dihebohkan dengan Merakli, Ayam "Raksasa" Jenis White Brahma yang Harganya Bikin Berdecak

"I can't believe it got out of that hole!"
The Telegraph @Telegraph

Meet Merakli, the biggest, fluffiest chicken we have ever seen

20/03/2017 19:16:41 WIB
Andrew Coombs @DrAndyCoombs

@behlul_official @Alice_smith1 some say there trying to bring dinosaur's back threw chickens looks like more Dino than chicken

20/03/2017 22:44:21 WIB
Neera @Neera_jah

@behlul_official @leftoutside it's a white brahma! they're huge, but if it makes you feel better, most of that bulk is just feathers...

20/03/2017 23:02:21 WIB
th @TomHegarty

@Telegraph @SamKirby8 @maxthompson96 My god!!! It's the King turkey back from the dead after his beat down in Kavos

20/03/2017 20:35:32 WIB @toyinkush

@Telegraph what would it taste like? That's right, chicken !!!

20/03/2017 19:26:04 WIB


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