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[Pic] Wah, Nike Akan Rilis Hijab Untuk Atlet Wanita


Both professional and everyday Muslim athletes helped create the Nike Pro Hijab 💪

08/03/2017 21:41:37 WIB
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The New York Times @nytimes

Nike announced that it would release a Pro Hijab for female Muslim athletes

09/03/2017 13:31:04 WIB
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VOA Indonesia @voaindonesia

Nike Akan Luncurkan Hijab Teknologi Tinggi untuk Atlet Muslimah

09/03/2017 16:45:34 WIB
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you is jealous @youisjealous

Nike will soon sell the "Nike Pro Hijab", a sports hijab made of leightweight polyester that Muslim athletes helped to develop

08/03/2017 17:31:15 WIB
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k. @kxrah

Nike finally launches its first ever Nike Pro Hijab & a plus-size range 👏👏👏 #IWD2017

08/03/2017 07:52:56 WIB
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Tapi ternyata rencana launching produk ini tidak semua suka

AJ+ @ajplus

Nike is coming out with a sports hijab, but not everyone's excited about it.

09/03/2017 17:04:01 WIB
Philip Schuyler @FiveRights

#ThursdayThoughts Nike stylizes oppression. How will Nike mrkt its "pro Hijab"? "Bo knows Islam"? "Convert: just do it"? I'm done w Nike.

09/03/2017 21:29:06 WIB
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Matt Locke - Parler @realmattlocke @RealMattLocke

Nike to rollout performance hijab. This is ridiculous. This is America. Assimilate or leave should be the option. #MAGA

09/03/2017 20:29:45 WIB
#Sandy @GSDDogLover

The word "Nike" means the F__k word in English. I say Nike #Nike! #Boycott them for helping to oppress women. Nike Pro Hijab line.

08/03/2017 02:46:41 WIB
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