Ini Foto Instagram Lindsay Lohan Tempatnya Menulis Caption "Inshaallah"


Baru-baru ini berita Lindsay Lohan disuruh lepaskan jilbabnya di bandara Inggris setelah terbang dari Turki jadi sorotan

Fox News @FoxNews

.@LindsayLohan claims she was "racially profiled" while wearing a headscarf at London's Heathrow Airport.

22/02/2017 00:55:17 WIB
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kapanlagicom @KapanLagicom

Datangi New York, Lindsay Lohan Dipaksa Lepas Kerudung di Bandara

24/02/2017 01:30:03 WIB
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Aktris Lindsay Lohan Diintimidasi Pihak Keamanan Saat Berhijab

24/02/2017 10:51:07 WIB
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Dikabarkan telah memeluk agama Islam, Lindsay Lohan mengatakan bahwa ia sedang mempelajari semua agama

Dr Naveed Bey @Seditious_medic

Hi @lindsaylohan please avoid this individual and his boyfriends like the plague. Continue your spiritual journey and Allah will guide you.…

24/02/2017 00:14:06 WIB
̨؏ــﯧْــون‹ू🕊ू›فَارَسَـُہ‎ @C20ute

#NationalMargaritaDay US actress famous "Lindsay Lohan" was worst racists against Islam Just read Quran once she appeared today with hijab 🌹

22/02/2017 23:52:25 WIB
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Lagi-lagi jadi sebuah tanda tanya apa ia telah memeluk agama Islam, adalah caption yang ia tulis di foto instagram terbarunya:

lindsaylohan Inshallah

netijen bilang:

ichapearl Caption tidak sesuai banget sama fotonya

fearthehat You look better without the raghead gear. Keep that shit off of your head!! GEAUX Trump!!!

alaa_alshaal Wise brain mixed with innocent face ,,inshallah god bless you

r.eemaaaa @fearthehat excuse me but who are you to tell her what to wear? It's her body and she can do whatever she wants. what she does is between her and god. Your opinion isn't needed.

enni_sitti Alhamdulillah... you become mualaf....

jasminacurafina InshAllah what?@lindsaylohan

sulamanzafar My childhood celebrity crush embracing Islam? No way I'm dreaming lol @lindsaylohan

arij.k69 @lindsaylohan Why does she pretend being a muslim while she posts pics where we see a little of her boobs ? You don't act like a muslim..


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