[Foto] Penampakan Sepatu Katy Perry Yang Dirancang Desainer Indonesia Rinaldy Yunardi

Katy Perry gunakan sepatu rancangan desainer Indonesia, Rinaldy Yunardi di videoklip terbarunya, 'Chained to The Rythm
awesomes KATY PERRY rinaldyyunardi
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Katy Perry Pakai Sepatu Desainer Indonesia Rinaldy Yunardi dlvr.it/NS4RWH pic.twitter.com/lJhXv7a97D
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Yap, ankle boots clear silver yg dipakai Katy Perry ini adl buatan Rinaldy Yunardi. photo: Instagram @rinaldyyunardi pic.twitter.com/B0m4UgACX3
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VemaleDotCom @VemaleDotcom
Bekerja sama dengan Thang Shoes, jadi deh ankle boots clear silver super kece ini. We proud of you! Photo by: Instagram @rinaldyyunardi pic.twitter.com/mWWqaz8WhV
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Harleys In Hawaii @BiLLKatyCat
@katyperry wearing bespoke clear boots designed by Indonesian Designer @RinaldyYunardi YASSS!!! #ChainedToTheRhythm pic.twitter.com/VvANl3ngPv
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Katy Perry Pakai Sepatu Rancangan Desainer Indonesia Rinaldy A Yunardi di Video Klip 'Chained To The Rhytm' okz.me/BXGA1 pic.twitter.com/s9LL7HxW5L
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Indonesian accessories designer @rinaldyyunardiofficial has forayed into shoes design in a bid to grow his eponymous label to a lifestyle brand.
Working with local shoe brand Thang Shoes, Rinaldy designed a pair of clear, silver space ankle boots for Superstar Katy Perry for her latest music 'Chained to the Rhythm" under the direction of
Hollywood's top celebrity stylist B Akerlund.
Rinaldy Yunardi and Thang Shoes are amongst other carefully curated Indonesia brands represented by THE CLIQUE PR & Brand Consultancy agency based in Hong Kong by founders Faye Liu & JJ Liu that aims to groom and propel Indonesian talents for global fashion audience.
Thank You @theclique.hk @fayefliu @minij2
Thank You @thangshoes @rinathang .


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