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[photos] #Arsenal tickets from the 80s and 90s

Just before the Wigan match, @TheArsenal_ posts some #Arsenal tickets from the 80s and 90s. History. Thanks for sharing, @TheArsenal_ ! :D
JM @TheArsenal_

Some #Arsenal tickets from the 80's and 90's now. Look away if this is going to bore.

30/12/2010 01:54:17 WIB
JM @TheArsenal_

05.04.87. Graham's first piece of silverware and Charlie Nicholas brace against #Liverpool. #Arsenal £6.00

30/12/2010 01:59:03 WIB

@TheArsenal_ awesome! I was three! :D sorry for making you feel old, good sir.

30/12/2010 02:08:31 WIB

@TheArsenal_ oh that's not so bad, sorry for condemning you as an old man! Haha!

30/12/2010 02:12:50 WIB
JM @TheArsenal_

28.11.91 Ian Wright makes his #Arsenal league debut at The Dell, scoring three against #Southampton. £12.00

30/12/2010 02:19:38 WIB
JM @TheArsenal_

“06.11.91. #Arsenal are destroyed by #Benfica in the European Cup. Graham changes his philosophy. £3.00 concession.

30/12/2010 02:23:45 WIB
JM @TheArsenal_

18.04.93 Steve Morrow scores the winner and breaks an arm. The League Cup Final. £35.00 #Arsenal v #SWFC

30/12/2010 02:26:20 WIB
JM @TheArsenal_

02.05.1992. Ian Wright scores four against Southampton in the last game in front of the old North Bank. #Arsenal

30/12/2010 02:28:24 WIB
JM @TheArsenal_

19.05.93. Andy Linighan wins the cup for #Arsenal in the last ever FA Cup Final replay. £25.00

30/12/2010 02:33:11 WIB


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