BBC ME English @bbcme
Cairo protesters clash with army: Clashes break out in Cairo after the Egyptian army tries to remove protesters ... http://t.co/nrQ9Pp6q
Zeyad Salem @Zeyadsalem
Before expressing an opinion ; Think! Think very hard because the kind of life you want to live depends on it.
ashraf khalil @ashrafkhalil
Incredibly brave young veiled woman, maybe 20 years old dodging debris and handing out rocks from a helmet to fighters #occupycabinet
Sarah Naguib @Sarahngb
I usually don't comment on 'women's participation' in the revolution. But…If there were no women, there would have been no revolution.
Dalia Ezzat @DaliaEzzat_
RT @Skytwitius Watching Cairo pics imp 2 remember that 84M Egyptians are NOT taking part. If u dont get that u dont get #Egypt
Dalia Ezzat @DaliaEzzat_
RT "@RawyaRageh: #BREAKING Medical sources confirming to us 2 killed, 130+ injured in #occupycabinet violence #Egypt"
Sarah El Sirgany @Ssirgany
RT @mand0z: مفيش حد شغال في القصر العيني يعرف يدخلنا نتكلم مع الدكاترة من غير ما الامن يرزل علينا؟
Sarrah Abdelrahman @sarrahsworld
reports of Liva Ammunition RT"@RamyRaoof: مصدر طبي في مستشفي القصر العيني القديم: حتي الان (8:45مساء) يوجد لدينا 99 حالة اصابة بطلقات حية"
نشرة القاهرة ‎ @cairowire
RT @RawyaRageh Medical sources confirming to us 2 killed, 130+ injured in #OccupyCabinet violence. #dec16 #egypt
Dr. Kareem @monakareem
"I feel it is like the 3rd world war outside my house." - a Bahraini friend #Bahrain
Dr. Kareem @monakareem
"The royals are celebrating the national day by imprisoning everyone." - a Bahraini friend #Bahrain
Troy Carter @CarterTroy
I'm hearing Free Egyptian Party made a decent statement about today while Freedom & Justice Party blamed protesters for being thugs. True?
ashraf khalil @ashrafkhalil
Nervewracking gunshot-like bangs. But no tear gas. Can't even really see where the soldiers doing the throwing are #occupycabinet
Bassem Sabry باسم @Bassem_Sabry
لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله RT "@ihoudaiby: إنا لله وإنا اليه راجعون، مولانا الشيخ عماد عفت أمين الفتوى الكتابية بدار الإفتاء استشهد بطلق ناري"
Sarah Naguib @Sarahngb
#OccupyCabinet RT @AssemMemon: A loud bang a few minutes ago, and people coming back from front with bloody hands and empty bullet shells
الداعية/ مينا نجيب @MinaNaguib90
هو فى حد يقدر يقول لبثينة كامل ولا لمنى مينا يقعدوا فالبيت عشان ستات؟ انا شايفهم أرجل من أرجل راجل و أحسن حد يمسك مصر كمان!
Mohammed Matter @Mo_Matter
Some of aljazeera reporters are beyond amazing and i met some of them but aljazeera itself always following some hidden agendas!
نشرة القاهرة ‎ @cairowire
four advisory council members resign in protest of crackdown on cabinet sit-in: http://t.co/JhRVTxIV #dec16 #egypt #OccupyCabinet
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