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Keren lho, Iklan Nike Timur Tengah ini Penuh Motivasi untuk Para Perempuan Muslim di Dunia

iklan keren nih @tumbenlucu
Mona Eltahawy @monaeltahawy

I know Nike wants to sell shoes but I like the varied Muslim women's representation here - complication is good

18/02/2017 18:02:49 WIB
Khadija @I_am_NotApp

The new Nike Middle East commercial is BOMB. ON-POINT

18/02/2017 18:20:18 WIB
Dim ♉️ @dim826

@NikeMiddleEast THANK you This really motivated me and every single woman need to start their dreams

19/02/2017 12:08:21 WIB


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