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Homocarnula @HomoCarnula

Twitter :) may i direct your eyes to these statements by refugees fighting for basic human rights in Germany #rfcamp

06/11/2012 02:58:43 WIB
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spideralex @spideralex

Buenas, ¿podéis publicar/difundir nota de prensa nueva distribución de Lorea? Gracias!

06/11/2012 15:54:28 WIB
Shirin Sadeghi @ShirinSadeghi

#Michigan man "dies" at polling booth, is revived & first thing out of his mouth is "did I vote?": #yourexcusesucks

07/11/2012 03:45:19 WIB
Jacob Appelbaum @ioerror

@mayormcginn What happens to people in Seattle and Washington currently in jail or under legal process for pot related issues? Amnesty now!

07/11/2012 13:14:11 WIB
Heather Marsh @GeorgieBC

.@bobraeMP No it was just words, but did you ever hear him use the word 'peace' before?

07/11/2012 14:01:10 WIB
Heather Marsh @GeorgieBC

I look forward to working on blocking all your shared foreign policy = war goals. @WilliamJHague @BarackObama #foreignpolicy #election2012

07/11/2012 14:11:43 WIB
Heather Marsh @GeorgieBC

@wiretapped Any idea where a complete list would be? (And thanks, my reading of headlines is sucking badly at this point.)

07/11/2012 14:14:15 WIB
Meredith L. Patterson @maradydd

@GeorgieBC Legalized. Cf. "Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol".

07/11/2012 14:26:33 WIB
Meredith L. Patterson @maradydd

@GeorgieBC Methinks next year is gonna be a really interesting one for the OAS.

07/11/2012 14:27:27 WIB
, @siulegrojz

@GeorgieBC possession by anyone under 21, poss. of larger amounts, and growing of unlicensed or unregulated marijuana remains illegal.

07/11/2012 14:27:27 WIB
Heather Marsh @GeorgieBC

This little Colorado marijuana vote is far huger than first glance if it is what I think. Anyone have a copy of it?

07/11/2012 14:27:28 WIB
, @siulegrojz

@GeorgieBC in Washington. tax and revenue will go to healthcare and substance abuse progs. you can market and distribute mj prods.

07/11/2012 14:28:54 WIB
Heather Marsh @GeorgieBC

@maradydd Holy hell. Do you have a copy of the law? Import / export law?

07/11/2012 14:29:14 WIB
Heather Marsh @GeorgieBC

NO KIDDING! Sorry but my first emotion is ... rage :-( MT @maradydd Methinks next year is gonna be a really interesting one for the OAS.

07/11/2012 14:33:09 WIB
Heather Marsh @GeorgieBC

.@siulegrojz Any idea about selling into? And if lefgal to grow? Seeds? ie

07/11/2012 14:35:41 WIB
Heather Marsh @GeorgieBC

Uh, Colorado? We'd like our prince back. "The Prince of Pot in a US Prison' #Election2012

07/11/2012 14:38:00 WIB
Heather Marsh @GeorgieBC

2011-04-15 Extradition and Canada's Sovereignty: The Prince of Pot and more #Election2012

07/11/2012 14:38:31 WIB
, @siulegrojz

@GeorgieBC thats a very fascinating fucked up US view re seeds. i dont think CO will get rid of their medical program so that stays

07/11/2012 14:38:54 WIB
Heather Marsh @GeorgieBC

One of the most divisive policies in the Americas has been the US drug war: World War III: A picture #Election2012

07/11/2012 14:40:05 WIB
Heather Marsh @GeorgieBC

.@siulegrojz Thanks! What about imports in? What about seeds?

07/11/2012 14:41:12 WIB
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