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1 Decapitate gregs kids head
Mike Radowitz @MikesRadTwites

@GregWHoward im going to use ur gay sons mouth for a potty and kill him on streaming vid and slap the dead face

26/06/2010 04:06:53 WIB
Mike Radowitz @MikesRadTwites

@GregWHoward im going to video call you on iphone 4 when i behead ur gay son so you can see his gay blood fly out when i slap him lol

26/06/2010 09:18:51 WIB
Mike Radowitz @MikesRadTwites

@GregWHoward im going to hang + behead ur gay son & upload the footage to viddler god bless kiss kiss kiss

26/06/2010 03:59:31 WIB
Mike Radowitz @MikesRadTwites

@GregWHoward neil patrick harris and i will put on a USO show where we cut off ur gay sons head w/ a circular saw. the troops all cheer.

28/06/2010 23:36:44 WIB
Mike Radowitz @MikesRadTwites

@GregWHoward i snip ur gay sons spinal cord so he cant run & pull each tooth from his gum. i fuck his cripple mouth every day until he dies.

28/06/2010 23:30:25 WIB
Mike Radowitz @MikesRadTwites

@GregWHoward Not to crow, but you're a bankrupt, despicable human turd and I am going to hack you into pieces with a machete. I love you.

05/07/2010 07:02:20 WIB
Mike Radowitz @MikesRadTwites

@GregWHoward Hi, Greg. I know you're going to read this, so let me just say: I, in no joking way, want to pull your intestines out your ass.

05/07/2010 07:04:08 WIB
Mike Radowitz @MikesRadTwites

@TexasNan1048 ill have u know @GregWHoward is a good friend of mine u crazy BI****ITCH!!!!!! u'll get kicked out of #tcot so fast u old cunt

13/07/2010 03:27:09 WIB
Mike Radowitz @MikesRadTwites

@GOPthinker say goodbye to those you love. i am going to break into your house with an authentic samurai sword. i am going to kill you.

17/07/2010 10:52:39 WIB
Mike Radowitz @MikesRadTwites

@GOPthinker funny or not, i am going to find and kill you. i am going to kill you.

17/07/2010 10:44:31 WIB
Mike Radowitz @MikesRadTwites

@GregWHoward How may police are in Dotham, AL? How soon can they respond to reports of a transman eating a fat faggot's severed head (urs)?

28/07/2010 09:58:36 WIB
Mike Radowitz @MikesRadTwites

@GregWHoward I'm going to punt your severed head onto a wall of spikes. This is not a joke. I am a violent transsexual. You will die soon.

28/07/2010 09:55:42 WIB
Mike Radowitz @MikesRadTwites

@GregWHoward Do you know how easy it is to boil the marrow out of a child's bones? How sweet? How soft his gay cries as his skin shucks off?

28/07/2010 10:27:22 WIB


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