#tourismchat @tourismchat
Welcome to the chat! Today's topic is Google+. Give us an intro & tell us where you'll be spending the holidays! #tourismchat
Betsy A. Decillis @decillis
I'm Betsy & I'll be in Jersey for Christmas! #tourismchat
Joe Vargo @Joe__Vargo
@tourismchat I'm going to be listening a lot during #tourismchat today. Google+ is on the horizon, but maybe kinda far for our target demos.
Catherine Heeg @catherineheeg
#tourismchat Hi, I'm Catherine, speaker & trainer for tourism industry. Holidaying in Savannah, GA--ya-all!
Madden Media @MaddenMedia
@tourismchat Trish from @MaddenMedia - Online Marketing Specialist. I'll be in Sedona for the holidays drinking boom boom juice #tourismchat
DuPage County CVB @DiscoverDuPage
@tourismchat Kurt with the DuPage CVB here. We're just outside Chicago. Spending the holidays in Chicago and Iowa. #tourismchat
#tourismchat @tourismchat
I'm the Bot & I will be in Twitterland for Christmas. Thinking of asking @pr20chat out. Do you think I have a chance? #tourismchat
Vicky Soderberg @CygnetUpdates
I'm Vicky from Cygnet Strategies and I'll be home in Montana. #tourismchat
Paul Bencivengo @scullyano
Hey all Paul from @VisitBucksPA following along. G+! Need some input on how to set up. #tourismchat
Tourism Currents @TourismCurrents
Hi #tourismchat - we're @SheilaS & @BeckyMcCray teaching social media for tourism. Will be in TX & OK for the holidays.
PlayInDavis @PlayInDavis
Lots of people come to #Utah for the holidays. Why leave?? haha #tourismchat
Paul Bencivengo @scullyano
@Joe_ExpCols need to catch up with ya! will circle back offline. #tourismchat
VisitBuffaloNiagara @BuffaloNiagara
#tourismchat Hi, it's Karen from Buffalo! Spending my holidays right here in the B-lo!
Jessica Lawlor @jesslaw
Hi everyone...new to travel/tourism. First day on the job at @visitbuckspa. Looking forward to getting to know everyone! #tourismchat
Vicky Soderberg @CygnetUpdates
Join the conversation about tourism & Google+ > > >We're starting NOW! #tourismchat
Traveling Murphy @TravelingMurphy
Hi everyone! Krisilee from @eacvb. I will be doing the whole Four Christmas run between families. #tourismchat
Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer @HeidiTown
Joining the conversation after internet problems at coffee shop! #tourismchat #IaminColorado
Al Gibson @starmediaguy
Wow. We've got an exciting, diverse crew on here today for #tourismchat We should, like, all be in a Google+ circle!
Katherine Hoppe @oregonkat
sadly i know very little about google+, i think i'll be more a lurker in #tourismchat today
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