Northern Ireland: Michelle O'Neill named Sinn Fein's new northern leader

Martin McGuinness's retirement and Sinn Fein's new leader at the Stormont

It's already speculated/thought that Michelle O'Neill replaces Martin McGuinness.

BBC Talkback @BBCTalkback

Who will replace @M_McGuinness_SF in Stormont? We're speaking to the former @sinnfeinireland MLA @daithimckay & Suzann Breen of @BelTel

23/01/2017 18:43:33 WIB
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Alex.Kane @AlexKane221b

Here's something I wrote a few days ago about Michelle O'Neill--who seems likely to replace Martin McGuinness.

23/01/2017 17:25:19 WIB
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URL The Irish Times Martin McGuinness and I: two lives, two different paths Eamonn Mallie reflects on his dealings with former IRA man and Sinn Féin politician 101
nuzhound @nuzhound

Martin McGuinness' contribution to peace will have long legacy :: Irish Examiner -- Daniel McConnell

23/01/2017 22:01:12 WIB
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nuzhound @nuzhound

Martin McGuinness risked his life for peace, says PSNI widow Kate Carroll :: Belfast Telegraph -- Aine Fox

23/01/2017 22:01:15 WIB
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nuzhound @nuzhound

McGuinness loses driver and car after resignation (Jan 17) :: Belfast Telegraph -- Rebecca Black

23/01/2017 20:58:05 WIB
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nuzhound @nuzhound

Northern Irish election will be Orange versus Green (Jan 16) :: The Irish Times -- Gerry Moriarty

23/01/2017 20:58:09 WIB
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Brian Rowan @BrianPJRowan

At Stormont - SF news event at 2 expected to confirm @moneillsf as party leader in north.

23/01/2017 20:27:12 WIB
Pearse Doherty @PearseDoherty

Just arriving here at Stormont for our event at 2pm

23/01/2017 20:39:05 WIB
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Michelle O'Neill MLA is Health Minister. She already has her Twitter account. Still somebody is doing this.
David McCann @dmcbfs

@williamcrawley @MONeillOfficial Not sure it is legit, why would she set up a new one when she could just change the bio on her own?

23/01/2017 20:45:18 WIB
Michelle O'Neill MLA @MONeillOfficial

Very happy and honored. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

23/01/2017 20:45:21 WIB
William Crawley @williamcrawley

I'm not sure if @MONeillOfficial is an official account. If it is, we now know the new SF northern leader.

23/01/2017 20:45:55 WIB
John Mulgrew @newsmulg

For the record, this is Michelle O'Neill's Twitter account…

23/01/2017 20:49:10 WIB
William Crawley @williamcrawley

The @MONeillOfficial account is in breach of the @twitter impersonation policy.

23/01/2017 20:58:49 WIB
In no time...

It's that Italian "journalist" again. He's been doing this for ages.

Michelle O'Neill MLA @MONeillOfficial

This account is hoax created by Italian journalist Tommasso Debenedetti.

23/01/2017 21:10:08 WIB
Back in the Long Gallery:
Mark Devenport @markdevenport

Michelle O'Neill's family are gathered in Stormont Long Gallery for announcement she is SF northern leader

23/01/2017 20:54:47 WIB
Tracey Magee @Tracey_utv

Stage set for the grand unveiling of @moneillsf as SFs new "party leader in the North"

23/01/2017 20:55:52 WIB
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