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Story Foto: Gak Nyangka Putri Donald Trump Cantik-Cantik Begini Ini adalah foto-foto putri Presiden AS Donald Trump, gak nyangka cantik-cantik. 16670 pv 15 44
Brian Fagan @bdfagan
Bill Clinton looking at Ivanka and getting caught by Hillary is the best 👀😂
Charlie Hale ⚰️ @hale_charlie
@RealAlexJones Nuce editing job. He was looking at kellyanne Conway in reality but that doesn't matter
Darlene Deters @grandma3650
@RealAlexJones Too funny. You can almost read his mind. LOL.
Donald's Angel @DonaldsAngel
Bill Clinton says "Ivanka" while he drools looking at her at Trump #Inauguration Hillary gives a death…
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